This website dedicated to Tara ( Teamhair in Irish ) Co Meath . It is from the campaign against the M3 motorway which cut through the Tara Skryne Valley The motorway is built now but the campaign to safeguard the Tara landscape from development along the motorway is ongoing .Campaigning is carried out on Facebook and on Indymedia - Links are on the links page . These pages are now just for archival material , poems , artworks , random Tara musings and celebrating the beauty of Tara.
It is not part of any group , just a personal scrapbook

tara Calling

Tara Calling

by Carmel Diviney

This book chronicles the campaign against the controversial route and the eventual emergence of on-the-ground protests of Direct Action




Hi all, 
 I cordially invite you to join me for a Book Signing in Maguires Hill of Tara this Sat 6th Dec 6-7pm with mulled wine and mince pies :) Spread the word please. 
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The Tara Landscape ... ?

The forts around the Hill of Tara that perhaps would have provided a defensive ring in ancient times

Map drawn by Tarawatch from information from Conor Newman's study of the Tara area for the Discovery Project

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ring of forts



Tara Tara Tara

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 "...On a dark night , Tara must be able to see the stars..."

Colm Toibin


valley of the White Mare...

Mound of the Hostages

Mound of the Hostages

Lismullin stone

Lismullin Stone


 The Orthostat


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