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the Meath Master Plan - an Alternative Vision as devised by Independant traffic researchers
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hello there me dear,

carmel said you were looking for a copy of my speech,  - so here goes!

It is said that when Feradhach Fechtnach, the king of Ireland, died, his two sons, Tuathal and Fiachna, divided Ireland between them. The first received its abundance and wealth, its herds and forts, the second its clifs and estuaries, its acorn crops and fruits of the sea, its salmon and game. Learning of this division, the nobles of christian Ireland came to see it as extremely unjust. When Oisin asked them when of the two portions they would have chosen, they answered, "its banquets and dwellings and all that is good in it". At which Caoilte remarked that the portion that they had judged the worse was the one that 'we ourselves would prefer'. Tuathal became king and Fiachna, who had chosen the rivers, the fallow lands, the wilderness, the woods, the precipices and estuaries, joined his fate with those of the Fianna.

I need not inform the learned people gathered here today for it is well you all know that the Fianna were heroes of Leinster, and indeed of Ireland, men of the trees whose bravery rang clear as a bell across the world. But these men are not only the stuff of legends- how great it is that they are our ancestors, and we are their flesh and blood. these lands- and in particular the plains of royal Meath, the kingdom of the Masterplan- were their territories, their hunting grounds, their woodlands and their tree canopies. Here they gathered and fought, and lived and loved.

Och, it is great a keening we should raise for our nation, its rivers and streams smothered by a tide of corruption, this affluent nation of ours into whose soil we have tilled our own sweat blood and tears. We ask how can the State ask for more from its children when we give everything? With billions of euros in the coffers how can a simple railway be so hard to put into place? How can they have the nerve to toll us twice for entering this desecration? To the Amendment of National Monuments Act 2004 I ask, where is our voice in a politics where even the Constitution can be changed on a ministers whim? What farce is 'preservation by record' when 1 500 excavation reports went missing from official records? Mo dhaoine, we must break NRA monopoly on archaeology here in Ireland..

Today we commend the Masterplan for offering a perfectly viable compromise to Ireland s infrastructure problems. The Meath Masterplan finally awards a status to our beautiful land that lately has been denied, blocked, covered up. It stops heritage from becoming a dirty word. In an age of information overload it is through pride in ourselves and our noble oak roots that we stand firm, that we resist reprogramming by globalisation. So come ye sons and daughters of the fiana, island dwellers, saints and scholars, a long blast on the hunting horn- why should we let them erode our identity and destroy these monuments and testaments to our glorious past? You who would not demolish a church, how can you stand back while the graves of the Fianna are being robbed?

Let us walk the royal grounds of Tara again as it is our birthright to do so, the same unbroken green ground once walked by our High Kings. Let us, through the Masterplan, think locally and act globally, build local honour and value. We have nothing to lose but a regime. It is said that the great only appear so great because we are on our knees, and today let us rise.

Tara abu.

hope thats alright for you. if you need anything else let me know.



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