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Still trying to catch up on emails.  I haven't had a chance yet to check out the Webform set up by Andrewyet.  But here's what I've been using to contact the media:
Copy any of the lists below into the BCC Address Line.  Do not put it in the CC or 'To' Line because then each of the newspapers will know who else you contacted.  Several of them require that you submit to one newspaper only.  If they find out you submitted the same letter to another newspaper, your letter gets zapped. 
If the BCC Line does not show up under the 'To' and CC Lines, then Click on the Options Button, then Preferences to Select It.   This applies to Yahoo.  Not sure about other email accounts.
When referencing who you are sending the letter to - keep it generic.  You don't want to make the mistake of referencing one newspaper when writing to another. 
Below are the lists.  If an error message comes up before sending, just re-check the comma and space between each address.  The list below was combined recently from two lists I received, one in Excel, the other in Word, hence the spacing error or two. 
The lists are separated by region because anything you send, will probably vary slightly depending on the region.  
Few more pointers:
Most letters to the press require an address and phone #..  They will not print your letter without it
The word count for most is, 200 max.  As far as I'm aware.  Some papers have a slightly larger word max - 250, 300.  But best to stick within 200 to ensure printability.  Any letter that is 400 or more - best to break it down into two separate letters. 
Ok, that it.  Let's get those letters out there.
National Newspapers

Local Newspapers




United States



Hi Kate and everyone,

Have sent a letter this week to Local Press. A few e-mail addresses
were rejected but most ok. Couldn't find correct addresses but have a
few more Local papers to add to the contact list;

















from mp537644

It may be better to write to individual columnists & reporters? If they get a story iead they like they may be able to persuade their editors to let them run with it?