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1st week - Feb 2008



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Feb 1st - St Brigit's day

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"The Celtic feast day, Imbolg, also known as Imbolc, or La Fheile Brid, is the fire festival of springtime, a feast celebrating the end of the winter months, and to encourage the fertility, prosperity and security of the milder springtime.
From Neolithic man to post-
Christian Celt this date has been marked in one form or another for
over five thousand years".

HERE for pictures of St Brigits day/Imbolc at Lismullin



result of new RedC poll comissioned by SacredIreland.org   01/02/2008  

Hi Carmel
A lot to wade through yes, but the first 11 pages tell the baseline story.
62% of the adult population think the road in its current format is
wrong, 58% want the Park/Master Plan instead of the M3 and a bare 30%
actually want the M3.

Someone told me we live in a democracy. Is this true?
It's time to start lobbying the politicians again, some of whom,  despite their protests to the contrary, are able to make decisions to initiate the Meath Master Plan.
Regarding the money, we have received some very generous actual  donations. We have also received some pledges, none of which have so  far materialised but we must assume and hope that a pledge is more  than just "having the good word"


whole survey http://www.sacredireland.org/redcsurvey.pdf

also - funds much needed to cover the cost of comissioning RedC to do the poll


results and how to donate to the costs of the poll http://www.sacredireland.org/survey.html
 paypal donations to accounts@sacredireland.org

Cabinet Approval sought for
Sustainable Development Plan for Meath

An advanced development plan that solves the current legal, environmental and heritage issues around the controversial M3 motorway, and which also provides a wider model for sustainable economic, heritage and tourism development in Meath.

The innovative plan, which has been briefed to the public, facilitates the designation of the region as a UNESCO World Heritage site, resulting in the preservation, protection and sustainable management of the archaeology in the valley while bringing a potential increase of €75 million in tourism revenue per annum. Development in the designated region would be eco-designed and promoted on a small scale, in line with recent guarantees by the Minister for the Environment to protect the unique character of the area.







protests at Soldier Hill are ongoing -





appeal from Rath Lugh for equipment

A chairde

If anyone can help us in the Rath Lugh Camp with this, it'd be really appreciated. We need whistles and drums. And materials for making  banners - sheets/canvas and paints. This is for our direct action both  digger diving on the sites, and off the sites doing roadside banner  demos daily . The drums and whistles would be brill at the Friday  demos (3pm, Soldier Hill, every Friday).

If anyone has anything suitable and live in the locality, I have a car  and can come and collect the materials. Or I can give directions to  the camp if anyone would like to visit us. The kettle is always on!

Last Saturday was the first Saturday construction work was carried out  in the valley. Both Vigil and Rath Lugh Camp members went onsite,  stopped all the work. We had banners and flags, and all the cars  driving down the N3 beeped the carhorns in support. Since that day,  Soldier's Hill has been covered in Tarmac. One protestor was  assuaulted twice, another 2 protesters were arrested when they locked  themselves to the tarmac machines.

However, the camp is now bigger and stronger than ever. New protesters  have arrived onsite, as well has the old heads from last Summer.  

Imbolg is here, and there is a definite change in the woods. So many  plants and trees are starting to bud, the daffodils and snowdrops can  now be seen. The days are getting longer which means we can do so so  much more with the daylight.

Rath Lugh welcomes all friends of Tara, as is our mantra, the kettle is  always on!

Go raibh mile maith agaibh

086 3600 478

086 1537 146 - Rath Lugh Camp






History of Soldier Hill

The name Soldiers' Hill dates back to events in 1798 when a group of United Irishmen were defending a small bridge on or very close to the modern N3.
They were overpowered eventually, and the survivors of this brave stand were all hung on trees lining the road leading from the Tara Na Ri pub towards the Hill of Tara.

Last remaining tree on Soldier Hill


Ring Vigil phone 086-1758557
another number: 086-3600478


Soldier's Hill demo this Fri

and every Friday 
3pm onwards. Please attend and show
support. Thank you.



Soldier Hill - last tree


Limerick man mounts Lismullen court challenge

Tuesday February 05 2008

A Limerick man is mounting a High Court challenge aimed at protecting the Lismullen national monument located near the Hill of Tara in Co Meath.

Gordan Lucas is seeking to enforce EU environmental impact assessment directives and the European Convention on Human Rights.

According to campaign group Tarawatch, Lismullen was discovered in the pathway of the M3 road and was declared one of the top 10 most important archaeological discoveries of last year.

Former Environment Minister Dick Roche signed an order to preserve Lismullen by record, but gave the go ahead for it to be raised to make way for the road.


and other papers ~

The Elusive Iron Age:

a rare and exciting site type is uncovered at Lismullin, Co. Meath

click for article about the henge at Lismullin




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Sung By: Steve Cooney

Added: January 21, 2008

Sung By: Steve Cooney

(Help save TARA sign the petition)

Stephen Cooney Born in Melbourne, Australia, Steve started his professional musical career at the age of 17, playing for a while in the US before returning home, where he was in a number of rock bands, (Bushwackers, Fruitcake) and the successful folk/rock band, Red Gum. In 1981 he bought a one-way ticket to Ireland, from where his ancestors had come, where he busked and worked odd jobs for a few months, before joining Stockton's Wing as bassist with whom he stayed until 1981. Since then he has popped up all over the place, with a major contribution to Sharon Shannon's first album, and performances and recordings with Dermot Byrne, Altan, Martin Hayes and others. While guitar, and rock guitarists have raised eyebrows in trad Irish music in the past, Cooney is no noise machine. His technique is excellent, and his understanding of traditional music and accompaniment is attested to by the number of traditional groups and albums he has contributed to.

Added: January 21, 2008

The Tara landscape is one of Ireland's and Europe's most precious historical archaeological sites, but it is now in the process of being destroyed to facilitate the construction of a motorway.

The European Commission has warned the Irish Government that its plans to build the M3 four-lane motorway through the archaeologically rich Tara-Skryne valley are illegal within European law. The commission is taking proceedings against the Government.

The Tara landscape has been placed on the World Monuments Fund of most endangered sites.

We are also aware of a joint letter signed internationally by more than 300 academics stating that the royal estate of Tara is not just a central part of Irish heritage, but is of significant importance on a world heritage scale.

We, the undersigned members of the European Parliament, are alarmed at the Irish Government's destruction in July 2007 of the large early medieval settlement site at Baronstown in the Tara-Skryne valley. Most shockingly, this important archaeological site was demolished by motorway construction workers in the middle of the night.

We also wish to express our deep concern about the future of the Celtic temple at Lismullin - a site with national monument status which is also planned to be demolished by the Irish Government.

Urgent action is needed to urge the Irish Government to prevent the destruction of more of our common European heritage.

As was the case at Baronstown, and as is planned for Lismullin, thousands of years of our shared European culture can be wiped out in a few hours, and once gone, can never be replaced.

Given that the path of the planned M3 motorway is so rich in important archaeological monuments, we strongly urge the Irish Government to alter the current motorway route and to choose from the other available routes and viable options for the M3 motorway instead, thereby balancing progress with conservation.

It is of the utmost importance that steps be taken to prevent the destruction of any further ancient monuments which are part of our shared European heritage. We believe the Tara landscape should be preserved fully intact as the European cultural and heritage treasure that it so clearly is.


from Hill Of Tara Yahoo list




A resolution of the mayor and the city council of Chicago, Illinois, USA, both condemning the destruction of Ireland’s most sacred and ancient monuments and also urging the Government of Ireland, and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, to reverse past decisions and halt the M3 motorway in favor of upgrading (existing) N3 into a reverse peak traffic flow, upgrading the existing rail line for expanded mass transit. This will result in a socially responsible development, with a shorter route, environmentally friendly, and less expensive alternative which will preserve for posterity the Tara Valley and the monuments of Ireland's oldest civilization and some of the oldest buildings on earth. We urge you to halt the building of the M3 motorway through the Tara Valley, Tara being the seat of the High Kings of Ireland, and the most ancient settlement of Irish civilization.

Whereas, in addition to Tara Valley being the heart of Ireland's ancient civilization encompassing the entire Boyne Valley, and being the seat of the high kings where 142 kings once reigned, in 2007, Tara was named one of the world's 100 most endangered heritage sites, by the New York-based World Monument Fund. Furthermore, the area has been submitted to be named a UNESCO World Heritage site, in conjunction with the UNESCO World Heritage site of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth tumuli (passage mounds), a short distance away. To compound the crisis, Tara Valley is over 7000 years old; older than Newgrange; older than Stonehenge; and older than Egypt’s Pyramids; and contains the oldest surviving buildings on earth. Tara was the seat of the High Kings, while Newgrange was their astronomical observatory, this cause now before the European Union Commission,

Whereas, 'Archaeology Magazine', the Archaeological Institute of America's highly regarded publication, listed the Lismullen National Monument, a 7,000 year-old Henge, discovered in March, in the path of the M3 motorway, in the Tara Valley, as one of the 10 most important archaeological discoveries of 2007,

Whereas, 350 archaeologists, professors and academics world wide, signed and submitted a letter of petition to the EU, voicing their concerns about the historical significance of Tara, with a plea to halt the M3 and instead upgrade the N3 and rebuild the existing rail line. Distinguished National and International archaeologist have continually attacked the methodology of the Roads Authority in their surveys of the archaeological sites, and these professional opinions are part of the case before the EU Commission for breach of EU Environmental law.

Whereas, in response to large-scale developments, the EU introduced new Heritage Legislation on the Protection of the Archaeological record (The Valletta Convention), which the Government of Ireland ratified in 1997. The most fundamental aspect of the convention is the formal acknowledgement of archaeological heritage as a non-renewable resource that must be conserved for future generations. The current administration has been repeatedly called before the EU Commission for breaches of these laws.

Whereas, the EU (the EU Commission is the most powerful body in the 27 nation European Union of States) have called on the Irish Government to halt work on part of the contentious M3 motorway after concern was expressed about the impact on newly discovered ancient archaeological sites directly on the route of the M3, less than a mile from the center of the Hill of Tara. It was urged that in light of the 7000 year-old ruins found at Lismullin, work on the M3 motorway project should be halted and an urgent and immediate full route review carried out. The EU Commission has warned the Government that Ireland is in serious breach of EU law by not carrying out a second investigation after these discoveries (which have already been destroyed) along the route of the M3,

Whereas, the irreversible destruction of 38 National Monuments along the proposed M3 motorway has been compared to the destruction of the 1000 year old giant Buddha’s in Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban, while the collateral damage to another 100 sites has no precedence,

Whereas, historically, National Monuments and archaeological sites in Ireland were legally protected under the National Monuments Acts (1930-1994). In 2004, in an act of retribution against public opposition to a major planning scheme that was defeated in the highest court in the land, the politicians passed a new National Monuments which was designed to permit the photographing, measuring and destruction of any monument the Minister of Environment deemed expedient. The rewriting of the National Monuments Act in 2004, turned historical legal protection on its head, putting the fate of Ireland’s Heritage into the hands of a few political Ministers,

Whereas, the Irish Times POLL on Tara resulted in 82% voted YES to the question: “Do you think the Hill of Tara should be added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites?” Application to UNESCO to make Tara the center of a World Heritage Site is pending in conjunction with the UNESCO World Heritage site at Newgrange, a mere 10 miles along a line of sight, clear evidence of a connection to the ancient settlement along the Boyne Valley. According to a recent Red C Survey, conducted by Sacred Ireland, 62% of the adult population think the road in its current format is wrong, 58% want an alternative instead of the M3 and a bare 30% actually want the M3.

Whereas, the alternative mass transit scheme, the widening of the existing N3 combined with the refurbishing of the existing rail line for commuter transportation, would solve the commuter transit issue, and the M3 motorway could be canceled,

Whereas, The M3 route through the Tara Valley has been proven to be the most destructive, environmentally unfriendly, the costliest, and the single option that destroys over 38 National Monuments, with collateral damage to over 100 other monuments, which lay in close proximity to the destructive side effects of heavy construction machinery along the M3,

Whereas, MINISTER for Transport Noel Dempsey declared that he was "100 per cent" behind reopening the Navan-Dublin rail line, thereby negating the need for the Northern section of the M3, which is the contentious section through the Tara valley,

Whereas, IRELAND must, by order of the EU, reduce its CO2 emissions by a fifth by 2020 the biggest cut demanded of any country in the European Union under wide-ranging plans to tackle climate change. Hardest hit in Ireland will be transport, services and agriculture. The package of measures designed to tackle climate change also sets targets for moving from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly energy sources. Under this plan, Ireland will have to change its almost total dependency on imported oil and ensure that 16% of all energy comes from renewable resources by 2020,

Whereas, the heritage of Ireland belongs not only to Ireland, and the world in general, but to the Irish Diaspora all over the world, who outnumber the population of Ireland by a factor of 20,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and the City council of City of Chicago as follows:


Resolved, that the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Chicago recognize the irreversible destruction of such an ancient civilization, that is taking place and,

Further Resolved, that it is recognized and acknowledges that the M3 section through the Tara Valley is not necessary given that there are better options for less cost, at a far smaller environmental damage,

Further Resolved, the effects of global warming and the need to plan for a future with less use of oil products for transportation needs, and ,

Further Resolved, that the City of Chicago is living proof of the viability of rail and bus lines for mass transportation, and,

Further Resolved, the necessity to preserve and protect the natural and man made treasures of ancient civilizations is for the benefit of all of mankind,