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Monday, 18 February 2008

18 February 2008   

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more from the Giants Ring , Belfast  - back in January  

`SDLP Tables Save Tara Motion in Northern Ireland Assembly'

A Private Members Motion, opposing the "route of the M3 Motorway in the Boyne Valley, which will despoil the historic site of Tara" has been tabled in the Northern Ireland Assembly by the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

Carmel Hanna, MLA, (SDLP-South Belfast), tabled the motion last week, and is awaiting a date for oral debate.

The full text of the Private Members Motion reads as follows: ~~~




John Gormley attends Green Party Conference in Belfast

Greens offer a 'reason to vote'

By William Graham Political Correspondent in Dublin

SECTARIAN politics aimed at one section of the community and not the other is one reason why so many in Northern Ireland feel disaffected, Green Party leader John Gormley said at the weekend.

Mr Gormley said the Northern Ireland Greens, as a political entity, have emerged as a result of the Good Friday Agreement, and the party offers people a reason to vote.

Addressing the Green Party conference in Belfast on Saturday Mr Gormley said the DUP and Sinn Fein have fought their war and signed their treaty, and "that is their legacy".

"It is now our turn. We are the result of a political climate that soars far above sectarianism or religious identification," he said.



Save Tara Campaigners picket the Green party Conference , Belfast

picture shows a discussion with a Green Party Councillor





magic of manifesting dreams
 Carmel D has  Moonlight Alter -Ego - click on picture ...

Battle in Seattle- Anti-Capititalism on the Big Screen

Townsend's interpretation of the famous Battle in Seattle, where the World Trade Organisation was shut down due to the emergence of what the media labelled the anti-globalisation movement has finally hit the big screen, and it doesn't get much bigger (in Dublin) than the prestigous Savoy Screen Number 1!

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High Court challenge to Gormley on M3 site

Irish Daily Mail

6 February 2008

by paul Caffrey

ENVIRONMENT Minister John Gormley faces a potentially embarrassing High Court challenge over a decision made by his predecessor to allow the M3 motorway to be built over an historic site near the Hill of Tara.

The Green TD claimed when he came to office last June that he was powerless to over-turn a last-minute order made by outgoing Environment Minister Dick Roche for 2,000 year old ruins discovered last year near the Hill of Tara to be destroyed to make way for the M3.

The civil suit is being taken by one Gordon Lucas a resident of Limerick, who is seeking to enforce EU Environmental Assessment directives and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mr Lucas, who filed his Statement of Claim with with court officials yesterday, is seeking an injunction and a declaration that the National Monuments Act 2004 is in breach of EU law.

He is taking his case against the Environment Minister, the National Roads Authority, the State and the Attorney General.

Last night, opposition politicians and environmental campaigners said the High Court action signals fresh embarrassment for Mr Gormley, and only highlights his failure to stand by his priniciples sinec entering Government with Fianna Fail.

In a turbulent first day in office last June, Mr Gormley declared he had no authority to revoke his predecessor's order, despite his commitment to protecting heritage.

But Labour's Eamon Gilmore claimed the Minister could reverse the decision, citing section 22 of the Interpretation Act 2005.

Fine Gael's Fergus O'Dowd made the damning charge against the Green Party chairman back then that the reason he had not done it was because he was politically emasculated by his new Fianna Fail masters.

Former Environment Minister Dick Roche signed an order last year which allowed the archaeological site to be studied and then destroyed to make way for the motorway.

Last night, Fine Gael TD Fergus O'Dowd launched a stinging attack on Mr Gormley, saying that his 'credibility is zero at this stage'. and that he 'stands for nothing'.

Campaign group TaraWatch, which is demanding that the site be preserved says the case is being taken as a last resort, after the Government opted not to perform a new environmental impact assessment on the proposed demolition of the Lismullin national monument.



Peaceful demonstrations continue
to try  prevent more destruction -




in the Irish Post

1) Should the Irish Government halt all construction of new roads around the Hill of Tara?

at the moment 78% say YES!


Download List of Comments as a Word Document for printing -


Fact Sheets from Dr Muireann ni Bhrolchain at www.SaveTara.com

Tara - the facts

Tara - the facts ( One Page)

from Hill Of Tara Yahoo list - Richard B Wallace

Resolution submitted to City Council of Chicago 

A resolution of the Mayor of Chicago and the City Council of Chicago, Illinois USA, beseech the Government of Ireland, and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, to reconsider and reverse past decisions and halt the M3 motorway in favor of upgrading the existing N3 into a reverse peak traffic flow, in conjunction with  upgrading the existing  rail line for expanded mass transit.  This resolution also advocates the restoration of the National Monuments Act (1930-1994) which guaranteed by law, the protection of all the national monuments and would have prevented the current destruction ofIreland’s most sacred and ancient monuments at Tara Valley, and beyond. 
Whereas, Tara is over 7000 years old; older than Newgrange; older than Stonehenge; and older than Egypt’s Pyramids; and contains some of the oldest surviving buildings on earth.  Tara was the seat of the High Kings where 142 kings once reigned,
Whereas, the irreversible destruction of 44 National Monuments along the proposed M3 motorway has been compared to the destruction of the 1000 year old giant Buddha’s in Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban,
Whereas, Ireland must, by order of the EU, reduce its CO2 emissions by one-fifth and ensure that 16% of all energy comes from renewable resources by 2020. 
Whereas, the EU introduced new Legislation for the Protection of the Archaeological record acknowledging that archaeological heritage is a non-renewable resource that must be conserved for future generations, which the Government of Ireland ratified in 1997,
Whereas, the EU Commission have called on the Irish Government to halt work on M3 motorway over concern about the impact on archaeological sites along the route of the M3,
Whereas, the EU Commission has warned the Government thatIreland is in serious breach of EU law after recent discoveries along the route of the M3,
Whereas, the Archaeological Institute of America listed the 2,000 year-oldLismullen National Monument,  discovered in the path of the M3 motorway, as one of the 10 most important archaeological discoveries of 2007,
Whereas, in 2007 Tara was named one of the world's 100 most endangered heritage sites, by the New York-based World Monument Fund, 
Whereas, 350 archaeologists, professors and academics world wide, submitted a letter of petition to the EU, voicing their concerns about the historical significance ofTara, with a plea to halt the M3, and instead upgrade the N3 and rebuild the existing rail line.  This is before the EU Commission for breach of EU Environmental law,
Whereas, application is pending with UNESCO to makeTara the center of a World Heritage site,
Whereas, the National Monuments Act (1930-1994) historically protected the archaeological sites in Ireland, but in 2004, was rewritten to permit the photographing, measuring and destruction of any monument the Minister of Environment deemed expedient, thereby putting the fate of Ireland’s Heritage into the hands of a few Ministers,
Whereas, a lawsuit in the High Court, is challenging the M3 motorway, being built over historic sites.  Plaintiff is seeking an injunction and a declaration that the National Monuments Act 2004 is in breach of EU law,
Whereas, the Irish Times POLL on Tara resulted in 82% voted YES to the question: “Do you think the Hill of Tara should be added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites?”  Furthermore, a recent Red C Survey”, conducted by “Sacred Ireland”, found 62% of the adult population think the road is wrong, 58% want an alternative instead of the M3 and a bare 30% actually want the M3.  The most recent Irish Post Poll of  February 14, 2008, resulted in 89.93% being apposed to the building of the M3 through theTara Valley,
Whereas, The Heritage Protection Alliance of Ireland seeks the repeal of the National Monument Act of 2004,
Whereas, The M3 route through the Tara Valley, has been proven to be the most destructive and  environmentally unfriendly, as well as the costliest of the two options, and that the M3 needlessly destroys over 44 National Monuments,
Whereas, the alternative to the M3, a mass transit scheme to upgrade the existing N3 motorway by adding a single reversible lane, combined with the refurbishing of the existing rail line for commuter transportation, would accomplish the same ends,
Whereas, MINISTER for Transport declared that he was "100 per cent" behind reopening the Navan-Dublin rail line, which would eliminate the need for the Northern section of the M3, which is the contentious section through theTara valley,
Whereas, the heritage of Ireland belongs not only to Ireland, and the world in general, but to the Irish Diaspora all over the world, who outnumber the population of Ireland by a factor of 20, and inasmuch as Chicago is home to a large population of Irish decent, who wish to see the sacred lands of Tara Valley kept out of danger,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Chicago recognize the irreversibility of the destruction of the ancient monuments of the Tara Valley, and the necessity to preserve and protect the natural and man made treasures of ancient civilizations for the benefit of all of mankind, and,
Further Resolved, the effects of global warming and the need to plan for a future with less dependency on oil products for transportation needs, the City of Chicago being an example of the viability of rail and bus lines for mass transportation, and,
Further Resolved, appeal to the Irish Government, to halt the destruction of the ancient monuments in the Tara Valley, and to revisit the available alternatives offered by the existing N3 roadway, as a 3 lane reverse-peak-traffic flow system in coordination with the restoration of the Dublin-Navan rail link, which will preserve for posterity the Tara Valley and the monuments of Ireland's oldest civilization and some of the oldest buildings on earth.  We also urge that the National Monuments Act (1930 1994) be restored to its original intention, that is, the protection under law ofIreland’s Heritage and National Monuments for all of mankind.