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--------------------------  will be walking the disused railway line from Navan to Dublin - or at least part of it - on NEW YEARS DAY 2008

 He/she will be defying rain - hangovers and general discomfort to protest at the fact that the railway is lying shamefully neglected while the Government is pushing a motorway though the unique valley of Tara - over graves - destroying evidence of a rich cutural past dating back to before the pyramids
-when to meet the twin challenges of reducing our dependancy on Importing Oil   and of tackling Climate Change  - we need to stop increasing car-dependency
 and start reusing the railways and other more sustainable forms of transport .

And in the hope that even at this - the eleventh hour - respect for our history - our obligations to reduce our carbon footprint - our care for the quality of life of the people who have to commute to Dublin for work - respect for our Ancestors - our sacred land - and for our children - that even at this latest hour these railways will be brought back into use - the Tara valley will be saved for future generations to explore - and that common sense will at last prevail

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