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Megalithic artwork found in route of M3



NEW !!!!! ....Megalithic Art on rock found built into roof of souterrain in path of M3

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The Irish Times

Ireland can play a leading role in helping prevent climatic meltdown

As one of the world's richest countries, Ireland goes to next week's global warming conference in Bali with a particular onus, argues Pat Finnegan. Login or subscribe for more.

Irish Times - Opinion
Friday, November 30, 2007




Hi all, Tadhg,

I think this answers your question on how advanced they are.
This has been the most unpleasant task I have had to carry out in a very long time. I've uploaded the photographs of the "sites" taken on Nov 27th by a member of the campaign who is a braver woman than I am. I cannot bring myself to visit never mind photograph. I find it difficult to even look at these so the last two hours have been very difficult.
I have put them in order through the Valley going from Dowdstown to Trevet - that is from Navan to Dunshaughlin direction -
There are also photos of part of the camp at Rath Lugh and a few of the route outside the Valley.

Thanks again lady.


A reminder from the past:

A selection of shots from the past

And another selection from the past with maps etc.



 photos of Rath Lugh and the camps



Rath Lugh - Dec 2007


camp at Rath Lugh - Dec 2007


all Muireann's photos









Al Gore visits Dublin

Last Updated: 01/12/2007  14:56

Gore, Bono called to support Tara

Protesters opposed to the contentious M3 motorway being routed near the Hill of Tara today called on world-renowned campaigners Al Gore and Bono to back their demonstrations.

Tarawatch handed a letter to the former US Vice President before he spoke at talks in central Dublin on the impact of global climate change.

Rock star Bono, who turned out to hear Mr Gore at the private conference, was also approached by campaigners as he arrived at the Royal College of Surgeons at St Stephen's Green.

Laura Grealish, of Tarawatch, said: "We hope Mr Gore gets a chance to see what is really going on here in Ireland, and influences this Government to make sustainable decisions with regards to spending taxpayers money."

In the letter to Mr Gore, campaigners stated: "The M3 motorway is highly unsustainable, both environmentally and economically.

"At this rate, the Irish taxpayer is likely to be footing the bill for EU fines due to the illegality of the M3 project, as well as Kyoto fines for failing to act to stem carbon emissions.

"Additionally, taxpayers will continue to pay a private firm for the M3 motorway for the next 45 years."

Government Ministers Eamon Ryan, Noel Dempsey and former Environment Minister Dick Roche, who rubber stamped the controversial route, were heckled as they arrived at the talks.

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photos of Tara supporters in Japan  - on the way .....