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Tara update - 04

have been away - so - sorry , this is hurried and too late as an announcement of the sacredireland demo

- still - an interesting new Planning Application of " Change of Use "


1/ TaraBelfast - support badly wanted from Belfast and North generally
a Day of Solidarity is being organised - but this isnt - or shouldnt be - the only thing ..please write letters - send support and use
Imagination -

and peace - love - writing - spirituality - politicking and and all the rest - the campaign belongs to everybody

- the details of the Day of Solidarity are still being worked out - to be honest it will probably be something of a Mystery Tour around places on the North Coast which are connected with Tara and hopefully to somehow publicicise the connections and show support - details still very open

It should be good - but it will depend on YOU - your input - your talent - your help with PR

                            so - definitely good then ; )

or else it will just be a day out
but if you want a place on one of the minibuses - which will be around 14 quid - PLEASE tell me ASAP and I will put your name down until they are full

there will probably be two minibuses going - numbers names and deposits please - any spare places on the day to whoever turns up before the bus leaves

- any lost deposits to go to the Tara Camps !
its a Good Cause ; )

......also - anyone thinking of taking a car -who will have spare places ...get in touch too please ...or with each other ....

another meeting at the John Hewitt tonight at 6.30 pm - pLEASE try to come
there is a lot of interest and general goodwill -
people who want to be kept informed etc ......but a terrible lack of specific HELP 8-|

details of buses - when and where leaving - when decided will go up onto http://www.tarataratara.net

or ring
anita - 07944969373
bronagh - 07999702557
colette 07971840079 and sooner or later -- one of us must know ....

but probably leaving from the Writers Square - oposite st Annes Cathedral at 11am Sunday 17th Feb - coming back - later

deposits to me or Helen at St Georges market Fri or Sat - if you do not know us - go there - ring - say where you are and we will wave at you !

...anyone who can organise another bus ....go right ahead ! - and we will meet at the Causeway


2/ situation re Tara - ongoing protests -diggers encroaching illegally on Rath Lugh which is built on an esker and is in danger of collapse and is theoretically under a Temporary Protection Order

protesters are asking for support on the protests - people - publicity - phone credits -
but as anyone who has been there will know - it is also a wonderful and inspiring place to be

message from Lou McManmon

A chairde
I'm inviting any musicians/singers to play a gig in Rath Lugh
Camp. "Fia Rua" played a gig here in the roundhouse on Tuesday night
and 33 people were here!
If you would like to come down and play,
you can contact me on 086 3600 478.
Slán a Pixie ;)

more details will be going up onto http://www.tarataratara.net/PasteUp/TaraTT_Feb2.htm  and all the other usual places


there will also be a demostration at Drogheda - outside ACAS where the human bones are being stored - no date for that yet



 new WEB POLL in the Irish Post

1) Should the Irish Government halt all construction of new roads around the Hill of Tara?


at the moment 78% say YES!  - so PLEASE VOTE !!!!!!


2/ Press Release from SacredIreland

Press release on behalf of Tara Vigil and Sacred Ireland. Contacts  within the release.

Sacredireland apply for Change of Use for Tara - From Traffic Corridor to World Heritage Park

In an unprecedented move, www.sacredireland.org intend to apply to the  Government and Meath County Council for change of use from traffic  corridor to World Heritage Park, for the tract of land, commonly  referred to as the 'land take' through the Tara/Skryne Valley. This  land is currently owned by the State under compulsory purchase orders.
Now is the time for planting new seeds of hope. A symbolic peaceful  demonstration will take place this Sunday Feb 10th at 3pm at Lismullin.
A nursery has kindly offered to donate some strong potted saplings of  these 9 sacred trees Ash, Birch, Hazel, Hawthorne, Holly, Oak, Rowan,  Willow, Yew to place around the perimeter of Lismullin Henge. There  could be too many so it is suggested that people might like to bring  one themselves which they could perhaps dedicate to the memory of a  loved one. If they felt so inclined, people are invited to bring shrubs  of their choice, all in pots only, nothing bare rooted. People are also  invited to bring herb seeds to scatter. The following are nine celtic  herbes of protection: Borage, Dandelion, Lavender, Nettle, Rosemary,  Vervain, Wormwood, St. John's Wort, Yarrow. It is suggested that they  might like to bring some meadow mix to sprinkle on the ground as they  walk between Rath Lugh and Lismullin Henge. A Simple ceremony. All
Welcome For further information on this demonstration of if anyone has  difficulty with directions, contact: Tara Solidarity Vigil,

Reilly 086 1758557 or Lou McManmon 086 1537146

A plan before the cabinet proposes protection for the Valley by taking  the M3 to the valley and beyond the valley but not through the valley.  The section of road through the Valley to be on the current N3  environmental footprint but upgraded to a 2+1 format which the NRA deem  safe. The move to apply for change of use is backed by a recently  completed survey conducted by RedC research for www.sacredireland.org  The results show that 62% of the Irish adult population say the M3 in  its current format through the Valley is wrong, 58% want to see a Park  and a bare 30% want the road as planned. RedC guarantee accuracy within  + or-3% of a referendum return. Protectors, formally referred to as  activists or protestors, have shown the world what lengths they will go  to protect their heritage. For more details and full survey results
visit the website


;) ...............if you dont want to be getting these updates - email me and I will take you off the list
else - could you help by networking this onwards to other people who might be interested
- if people dont see why this is important - thats up to them - but it would be sad if they did - and they didnt know how to be involved
- they are much needed !

best regards

mob - 07944969373


AND - ...any thoughts about setting up a Belfast - Transition Town group ...?     see http://www.transitiontowns.org/
it is very connected with the issues around the M3 v Tara -