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8 Mar2008

Tara Belfast update 10


there is a TUNNEL !!!
" 21st century souterrain "  protesters have dug a tunnel under the path of the M3 and a girl called Sqeak is moving down there   

From Save Tara campaigners:
A statement on behalf of the Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp
Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin 087-9249510
(For direct contacts see phone numbers below)

Statement on behalf of the Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp


21st century souterrain

    The Protectors at Rath Lugh have planned a Direct Action method used for  the first time on protest sites in Ireland. They have dug a tunnel under  the route of the M3 directly in front of the Rath Lugh promontory fort  in the Gabhra Valley, Co Meath in Ireland.

    The Protectors intend to occupy this tunnel and seal themselves inside  indefinitely to prevent construction traffic from passing overhead. They  are laying their very lives on the line to protect and preserve Tara’s  landscape from the destruction wrought by their own Government.

    The Protectors said: “We want to draw attention to the continued erosion  of the esker by passing construction traffic, hence damaging the base  and foundation of the Rath.”

    This is a continuation of their non-violent direct action. The tunnel  acts like a souterrain giving the occupant protection and making it very  difficult for the enemy to enter.

    Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp
    For further information ring Derek on 086-845 9279 or Lou on 086-3600478
    Link to the video of events 5-6 March at Rath Lugh, Lismullin, Co Meath

..it is a longish video clip - the bit from the tunnel is right at the end

hopefully an edited version along soon ...


   tunnel video now HERE -   

Just about one day left for the proper download of the Entirely Brilliant Radio Ulster -Tara Documentary
featuring our King of Poets , Seamus Heaney himself
...after that it will be relying on crackly versions that people have secretely taped in their bedrooms
But it does seem to oppose a Poetic notion of Ireland against a Modern and Progressive one
which is only the half of the story
it doesnt mention that there used to be a train that used to take less than an hour until the railway was closed
which sounds a lot more like Progress than the present scenario
or that this motorway is planned to feed a quarter of a million commuter cars a day into Dublin which - like any other capital City - is already choking in traffic -
and that this idea of "progress " involves feeding them as far as a roundabout just outside Dublin where they will probably sit for a while
while the other half of the Government's brain is busily producing Sustainable Transport documents
with pictures of bicycles - gleaming silver trains and fields of daisies
 - no pictures of clogged up roundabouts and housing being demolished for carparks - none whatever
Noel Demsey - the Minister in charge of Transport has produced a public consultation document
which takes about an hour to download because most of it is blank pages so I have pasted the text and the diagrams onto
should anyone wish to read it
sorry - I think the documentary is off the Radio Ulster website since I wrote that but somebody has it as an MP3 and it will shortly be up on one of the Tara sites
... eg  http://www.tarataratara.net
along with a lot of other material which is strictly speaking copyrighted but just happens to be there anyway - but always properly credited I hope -

 Nothing really to do with Tara - purrhaps -


                           - but then again  ............. :)

  some things are just too good to leave out......

re/ Tara - Northern Connections

Nuada. [I] Chief druid of Cahir Mor, a king and ancestor of Fionn Mac Cumhail who built the fortress on the Hill of Allen. More famous, however, is Nuada Argetlamh, Nuada of the Silver Hand. He appears as the supreme leader of the gods, possessed of a sword from which none could escape. He was the first ruler of the De Danaan on their arrival in Ireland but lost his hand at the first battle of Magh Tuireadh fighting against the Firbolg. The god of medicine, Dian cecht, made him a silver hand, but later Dian cecht's son, Miach, made him a new hand of flesh and blood with which he regained his position, displacing the half-Fomorii, Bres. Nuada set off the events that led to the second battle of Magh Tuireadh against the Fomorii. In this battle Nuada and his wife, Macha, are slain by Balor of the Evil Eye. Nuada is cognate with the Welsh Nudd of the Silver Hand. The name also appears in the form of Nodens. There is a third Nuada, Nuada Necht. He is a king who directly preceded Conaire Mor as the High King.


I went to see the statue of Nuada in the Protestant Cathedral at Armagh  
- getting  the bus which is five quid return - I mention this because it is 2 quid less than a single ticket for reasons known only to Ulsterbus so I wont try to explain - it just IS
And just me because it was a Tuesday - and Nuada - because he was king of the De Danaann and in Legend the first king at Tara - and reigning  there when Lugh arrived
..........according to Legend of course ....

the Tandragee man - Nuada - Armagh
 march 2008

and because I think that Ballynoe stone circle where we were last week is named for him -

Ballynoe stones - feb 2008
well - it makes sense to me - so following the trail it just seemed like the next place to go

The statue in the Cathedral  is called the Tandragee Man because he was found in a garden in Tandragee though " Tandragee man " into Google brings up a slough of court reports but very little information about the statue .
He is sort of sitting at the side of the cathedral - among the spare chairs
clutching his silver arm - I wonder if it was once covered in silver - certainly he had horns of some kind although they are broken now but whether they grew out of his head or were on some kind of helmet isnt clear but horns he certainly had
And he is just the same as ever  - but the chairs around him have changed since last time , now they are plastic but last time they were wicker
A slightly odd place for a pagan statue  , but not a bad one as there are plenty of chairs around  , no glass cases or troops of school kids and nobody bothers you if you sit there all day
so long I suppose that you show no obvious signs of Worshipping him - slaughtering chickens or anything
 - and  by the time I left it was getting dark so didnt get out to Emain Macha  - not this time
Im writing a heap of stuff  - but if this Update waits for it to get typed up it wont go out before
the market - then Labhoise takes us down to Tara tommorow .....
oh - Monday <>   Lectures are usually held in the Lecture Theatre, School of Archaeology, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast 7.

Unless otherwise published lectures start at 8pm prompt.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

and according to a leaflet there should be a lecture on Monday about  " Niall of the Nine Hostages and Adaptive Change "
...meaning ... ?    - I have no idea at all - but the Mound of the Hostages at Tara is named for that Niall so there would have to be some relevance even if microscopic
Back to the main point
Tara -
is finally in the News again - much thanks to our beloved Radio Ulster and Seamus Heaney
there are two legal challenges in the pipeline and - possibly inspired by M. Heaney - two senators are raising the matter in the Seanad
there is a huge amount of confusion over the mapping around Rath Lugh which seems to be full of errors
and I just found this article - old but still interesting - by a Green Party Candidate
before they went for the Deal of course
Tara; The Inconvenient Truth by Martin Hogan, NUI Senate Candidate
Carmel Hanna is raising the issue at Stormont and there are letters in the southern papers saying that if it can be discussed in the North then they want a chance to discuss it too -
so that has achieved something already
so - somehow the tide is turning - in time ..? who knows ?
its a bit like watching raindrops rolling down a window - the destruction proceeds - but the weight of evidence against it grows as fast
anyway - its worth trying - and Ive been going through all the back papers - the minutes of the planning meetings and such ( which is why the website has been a bit neglected )

 ( http://www.tarataratara.net/resources/Reports/NRA/NRA_downloads_index.htm - mainly the reports and the minutes - if anyone is interested in the background to all this ...  8\   )

 and ----and ---and --- there is a heap of stuff I havent time to explain at the moment  .....
                             ... but more soon -
            ; )
the usual - if you want to come off this list - then email me and Ill take you off it - but if you know anyone who would be interested then please pass it on to them - and if you get it sent to you and want to get the Updates then just ask -
OR if anyone out there would be interested in writing for it then also get in touch and maybe we can make it into a real newsletter  ---
ALSO - if you want to be involved with the project of investigating places in the North with Tara connections ....
AND/OR want to know more about the Save Tara campaign in the North .....  contact
mob 07944969373
- oh - this has just come in !   .....; )

Irish Times-8 March 200

'M3 motorway protesters claim to have entered tunnel under road'

By Harry McGee

CAMPAIGNERS AGAINST the M3 motorway claim they have stepped up their campaign by occupying a tunnel they say they have secretly dug under the proposed route that passes through the Tara Valley in Co Meath.

A group calling itself the Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp last night said protesters are already occupying the tunnel and were capable of sealing themselves in. They said that construction traffic passing over the tunnel would leave it vulnerable to collapse.

Derek Berrill, a spokesman for the group which is affiliated to the Save Tara campaign, said the passageway was located in front of the Rath Luth promontory fort in the Gabhra Valley.

"It has been occupied since March 6th. We have moved in because we are never too sure when they plan the next move against us," said Mr Berrill.

He said that work had commenced on the tunnel in secret in August 2007. He would not specify its exact size. "I can say the tunnel is big, although I am not in a position to give the diameter," said Mr Berrill.

"It goes directly down and then goes halfway under the route itself, crossing about halfway across [the width of the proposed] motorway."

The protesters say they intend to occupy the tunnel indefinitely to prevent construction traffic from passing overhead.

They say they also want to draw attention to what they say is continued erosion of the landscape from construction traffic.

Mr Berrill said they were "absolutely certain" that the tunnel itself would not cause damage.

Michael Egan of the National Roads Authority said there was no independent verification as yet that any tunnel had been built.

Entering a caveat that protesters have claimed actions in the past that did not materialise, Mr Egan said that if a tunnel had been dug then the contractor, and if necessary the Garda Síochána, would have to deal with the situation.

"They have no right to be on that property. They are trespassing above and below the ground," he said.

The Department of Environment said it had no reason to believe that any activity close to Rath Lugh was endangering or damaging the monument.

Minister for the Environment John Gormley's spokesman said that issues surrounding the construction of the road were matters for the Department of Transport and the authority.

The spokesman said that Mr Gormley yesterday signed a permanent protection order for the Rath Lugh promontory fort - until now it has been protected by a temporary order. This order, he said, was a coincidence unrelated to yesterday's development.

He added that the department was unaware as to the existence of a tunnel.

; ) 
well  - the tunnel most certainly DOES exist
oh - and so does the Permanent Preservation Order on Rath Lugh !  ..... but where are the edges .....?
  ........  and who has the right map ...?  it is a Mystery ....
more details as usual
www.tarapixie.net   ( activists )
www.Indymedia.ie   ( for News - search for " Tara" )
www.tarataratara.net   (mine - but needs updating - )
and www.sacredireland.org    thats it for the moment -PLEASE support the protest and campaigns however you can - but letters to the papers especially
- and hopefully the BCC ( blind carbon copy ) will work this time ....