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Tara Belfast update 15  

re/ Talkback

well Bertie Ahern and Ian Paisley DID open a multi-million pound Visitor Centre at the site of the Battle of the Boyne and the Press was out in Force covering this Historic Occasion

and also some of the Tara folks  - pics

....but it was totally the wrong day to get onto Talkback as there were cattle on the road at Sandyknowes roundabout , the M2 was at a standstill and about a million people wanted to complain about Road Services ........ even the Boyne hardly got a look-in

Wandering cattle cause motorway chaos

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

" Mid Ulster Assembly member Patsy McGlone was one of those caught up in the delay.
"I've never seen anything like it," he said.
"There was a bullock standing in the middle of the motorway staring down a policeman. The bullock wasn't moving and neither was the policeman.
"The two of them just faced each other off waiting for one to make a move."

Not content with disrupting motorway traffic, after around two hours on the run some of the cows made their way onto the Londonderry railway line. "

........but I didn't realise that they had gone on to take the train  .......................................    !    ....


TARA - Indymedia stories from last week


Bertie Ahern hands in his Resignation


Meath MASTER Plan March 3pm May 17th 2008


Tara Vigil Camp Being Evicted



Tara/M3 and Shell Raised at UN Forum





For Release 6/5/2008

A public march in support of the innovative Meath MASTER Plan will take place on Saturday May 17th 2008 at 3pm.

Participants are asked to meet at the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square at the top of O'Connell St , Dublin ( map HERE
( the bus from Belfast goes right beside it ))and the march will proceed to Dail Eireann, where there will be speeches, music and a presentation of the Plan to government officials.

The MASTER (Model Archaeological and Sustainable Economic Region) Plan is an advanced development plan that solves the current legal, environmental and heritage issues around the controversial M3 motorway, and also provides a wider model for sustainable economic, heritage and tourism development in Meath.

A key goal of the Plan is to enable Meath people to work in their locality, reduce their dependence on long-distance commuting to Dublin, and consequently allow them to spend more time with their families and within their community.

A second goal is to reduce Meath's CO2 emissions and its reliance on oil use for transport and energy, and to regenerate the local economy and communities of the region. Reduced oil use would lead to much lower costs in the future for both families and businesses in Meath. The promoters of the Plan stress this should be a national priority at a time when the oil price is close to $120 per barrel and has increased by over 500% since 2002.

The MASTER Plan objectives would be achieved via the creation of a community transport network to include a toll-free 2+1 road, and rail and coach services that facilitate easy travel throughout Meath, together with the creation of a UNESCO Meath World Heritage Park to generate tourism revenue, preserve the unique value of Meath's heritage sites and demonstrate the importance of sustainable living.

The Plan avoids re-routing the M3 as it uses much of the current road scheme "footprint" and switches to the existing N3 in the sensitive Tara-Skryne Valley area whilst still providing bypasses of Dunshaughlin and Navan. Land within the Tara-Skryne Valley purchased for the M3 would be held in state ownership and designated for heritage interpretation and protection.

The modified road scheme would also save significant costs for commuters and businesses as it would be toll-free, since the reduced cost of the 2+1 road format allows for buy-out of the PPP contract.

The Plan additionally implements the long-sought rail link to Navan and Kells, and provides for new coach services, creating a cost-effective, sustainable and reliable community transport network that would break dependency on long-distance commuting, encourage local job creation and dramatically improve quality of life for those living in the region.

The coach and rail alternatives would help reduce traffic volumes on the modified M3 by up to two-thirds, and the capital costs involved are approx. € 300 million less than current Government proposals.

The parallel designation of the region as a UNESCO World Heritage site would result in the preservation, protection and sustainable management of the archaeology in the Tara-Skryne Valley and surrounding areas. The extent of the World Heritage site would encompass the five major centres of Navan, Kells, Trim, Dunshaughlin and Slane, bringing a major tourist and economic dividend for the region with a potential increase of €75 million in tourism revenue per annum.

Co-authors of the Meath MASTER Plan, environmental campaigner Tadhg Crowley and transport researcher Brian Guckian, stated: "The Meath MASTER Plan is a huge opportunity to be grasped, with very significant economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits. It is something that everyone can have ownership of, and our message is that there is a solution, and that it can be implemented right now".

The proposal is currently with government and has received strong backing from the public and from across the political spectrum.

Guest speakers at the march will outline what the Plan means to them and the event will be a positive and constructive chance to engage with the issues involved, according to the organisers.


For details on the arrangements for the Meath MASTER Plan March, please contact:
Terri Murray

For details on the content of the Meath MASTER Plan, please contact:
Brian Guckian

Tadhg Crowley

posters etc for the Meath Park Plan Gathering  - downloadable from http://www.tarataratara.net/POSTERS/MeathMasterPlan.htm


Press release - HERE

and HERE for posters and fliers

see Indymedia for more details  ......



Situation on the Hill  ...as of 08/05/08  ( letter from Joanne to SaveTaraYahoo Group )

 " Vigil keeps have managed to get some time.

The Gardai were not able to quote specifically any law that would
allow them to estinguish the sacred fire, they have given them a days
grace to ceremonously remove the fire, but as it is specifically the
Hill of Tara sacred fire, it would have to be moved to another site on
Tara!!!!! This in itself creates a conundrum.

No method statement has been provided.
People are now allowed to remove personal possessions.
A recognised Ferrovial employee was assisting, but was wearing MD

There is approx 20 vigil keepers surounding the Temple TiPi/Fire
adamanent that they have the right to continue holding the Vigil.
There is a good atmosphere, music + drums, kids and laughter.
Energy is high and spirits are positive. "


all welcome at the Hill as usual - but no kitchen anymore - so best bring something to eat   8)

  - about the Vigil and how to get there  - http://www.tarataratara.net/Tara_Vigil.htm
        and /or support it - http://www.tarataratara.net/Tara_Vigil_Support.htm



the temple on the Hill -




Taoiseach urged to re-route M3

Bertie Ahern has been asked to re-route the M3 motorway away from the Hill of Tara as one of his last acts in office.

A petition containing almost 40,000 names was handed into the Department of the Taoiseach which urged him to reconsider the route of the Co Meath motorway which, it is claimed, could destroy heritage.


Last Updated: 05/05/2008  15:33


Plans to make Dublin city centre car-free

Large areas of Dublin city centre could be closed to private traffic within a year under radical new proposals to tackle congestion.

The Joint Oireachtas transport committee has developed a draft report recommending that a number of key streets be prioritised for buses.

These include O’Connell, Dame and Westmoreland Streets along with College Green and the closures could be in place by next April.

Committee chairman Frank Fahey of Fianna Fail claimed the scheme was workable and that traffic management measures would be put in place.

“We decided bus transport, a reliable high frequency bus service can effectively deal with traffic congestion in Dublin in the short term,” he said.

“There will be traffic management measures put in place to ensure proper circulation.

“What we have put forward is a short term action plan to be implemented in 2008/2009, so that by next April this plan for traffic being banned would be put in place,” he told RTE radio.

Mr Fahey said drivers from Dublin Bus had addressed the Committee on the difficulties they face in getting through the capital’s clogged streets.

He added if the public was to be encouraged to use public transport bus priority measures must be established.

Traffic measures are to be put in place to help smooth the transition to a car-free zone, with the construction of two new bridges over the Liffey, one at Macken Street and another at either Hawkins Street or Marlborough Street.

A similar plan could be rolled out for Galway, Cork, Waterford and Limerick.


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Will have 5 copies of the wonderful second Tara CD acompiled by Seano at the Mullans Organic Farm stall at St Georges market tomorrow - they are double CDS  - loads of great tracks and a couple of brilliant ones - selling for £11 each - all proceeds to the Vigil and the various Tara funds that are needing money

details of the CD and the artists on www.taramusic.net


previous Tara Belfast updates are now indexed from http://www.tarataratara.net/TaraBelfast/TBU_Index.htm

or rather - they will be  -

- obviously there isnt a whole lot of  point to this......

  except that they will eventually have some of the pictures , descriptions and explanations and stuff that didn't go into the real ones . Of course it would be better to be actually organising more things ....


strangely this is NOT over

the Dublin papers are full of discussions of soaring oil prices  eg HERE - traffic in and towards Dublin seems to be getting daily more impossible

and the Tara campaign has not been a bit short of suprises  -

anyway - maybe there will be cows on the M3 through the Gabhra Valley in a few years



Tara Support in Belfast

any thoughts - plans- ideas etc .....?
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all the best -
Anita contacts for Vigil
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