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Ist June 2008


Tara Belfast update 17  






..as usual this is going out before bits of it are written ... so as to get out notice of the Tarawatch picket of the ICOMOS ( The International Council on Monuments and Sites ) AGM which is in Dublin this year - on Wednesday ...

the expanded version of this Update will be at http://www.tarataratara.net/TaraBelfast/TBU17.htm
..and it will be more expanded as bits are added on later

also the obvious - if anybody would like to add things to this update - please go ahead

so long as they are vaguely relevant

or I suppose - extremely funny


from Tarawatch 


Hi all,

The International Council on Monuments and Sites  is holding its AGM in Dublin next Wed, 4th June.

TaraWatch will use this occasion to launch the UNESCO/ICOMOS petition.
A final draft will be posted here over the weekend         ( its HERE )

The AGM will be held at
Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland ,
8 Merrion Square,
Dublin 2.
    We will gather there at 9.00am.

It should also be noted that we have received notification from the Gordon Lucas legal team, and they are not going to proceed with the legal case over Lismullin. Illness on the part of both the senior  council and the expert prevented the case from proceeding in time,  and it is too late now, unfortunately. They are looking at other angles,
but for now there is no case in the works.

So, lobbying ICOMOS and UNESCO will be the primary focus of this campaign group.

Save the Hill of Tara from the M3 Motorway!

explanation ---- there are different groups working oin the Tara/M3  issue

- Tarawatch - more the Legal side

most people around the SaveTara site are more concentrating on promoting the Meath Park Plan for Sustainable Development  -  just different tracks




Sacred Ireland
are calling for the reconstruction of the Henge found at Lismullin at the foot of the Hill of Tara


" Run your mouse over the image of the Imbolc Ceremony to see a partial reconstruction of Lismullin Henge."





BELFAST - Tara Of The Heart

The totally brilliant news from here is that we are finally organising things connected with Tara in Belfast

there will be an event ( events ) - around Lughnasadh under the title of " Tara Of the Heart , an exploration of Sacred Space "

it /they will be anchored by Janet O' Hagan who many of you will know from her Shamanic work with Irish Myths
at the Crescent and other places

inolving Music- Art - Theatre - and general Lateral Thinking and Magic

what the details/venues/what it will involve at all - we don't know yet

there will be a first planning meeting this coming Sunday - all welcome


8pm , Sunday 8th June 2008

at   59b Camden Street


at Mary PS's flat ... sort of opposite the University -just round the corner from Bookfinders cafe

(  - her no is 02890876338  or 07980033135  - if you cant make it to the meeting but are interested then get in touch anyway  )



the Day at the Dail

the notes of Tadgh's speech about the Meath Park Plan are HERE

still waiting for the other speeches

Pictures of the day are at  HERE_  - and the link to the slideshow -

Slideshow of  all pictures - HERE


( What a contrast to Meath County Councils approach - what a wasted
opportunity for Ireland- the M3 instead of a 'Sky Path')

 Sky Path
A new tourist route in Saxony-Anhalt




The following motion, proposed by Michael Holohan and seconded by
Dermot Healy, was passed by the Assembly -

" That Aosdána supports the recent statement (in the Irish Times 1st/2nd March 2008) by our fellow member Seamus Heaney that the surrounding archaeological landscape beside the ancient hill of Tara has been "desacralised" by the construction of the M3 motorway and consequently Aosdána calls upon the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government to strengthen the present legislation (National Monuments Act 2004) immediately in order to prevent the further destruction of our other national archaeological sites

In case you missed it, you can listen to the comments by Seamus Heaney,
on the BBC documentary, at: http://tarawatch.org/?p=637                             MORE


I've no idea what this is - I cant hear it but the pictures are great - loads of plants growing through concrete and goats roaming the Underground . good stuff  ; )


Do not blame me!



that's it for the minute - various more things will appear on http://www.tarataratara.net/TaraBelfast/TBU17.htm in a couple of days as Im off out of town again .....


Tara Support in Belfast

any thoughts - plans- ideas etc .....?
please get in touch  - or just go ahead and organise something -
there IS no Central Campaign ...its just mainly random people ;
all the best -
Anita contacts for Vigil
- Vigil phone 086-1758557
Rath Lugh camp phone: o86 1537 146
another number: 086-3600478
to ring from North or UK
or anywhere else ( ? ) - replace first zero with 00353

me anitagreg@gmail.com
mob 07944969373

more details as usual on -


  ( activists )
www.Indymedia.ie   ( for News - search for " Tara" )
www.tarataratara.net   (mine - usually needs updating - )

and the usual - if you are on this list by mistake - just tell me and I will take you off it
but if you know anyone else who might be interested - please circulate it

and www.sacredireland.org    thats it for the moment - PLEASE support the protest and campaigns peacefully
and however you can - but letters to the papers especially are needed now ~~~