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7th June 2008










Tarawatch has launched a new petition

'Launch Today of Tara UNESCO Petition Alleging Breach of International Law'

more details on Tarawatch or on Indymedia HERE



 World Archaeological Congress meeting in Dublin ~



World Archaeological Congress to examine ethics of Tara/M3


The Irish Politics Website

 " Hi,
I've posted a story on politics.ie, which gives the full story, with links, etc. It might be a handy one for keeping this issue alive> We just have to keep the comments rolling. The site gets a lot of views.
Please think of other sites that would be suitable for this story.
By the way, I am not condoning the shameful use of politics.ie by the Libertas crew, for the Lisbon debate, even though I'm thrilled at the No vote increase. A real shocker for old Dick Roche, and nobody trusts him.

Vincent "

Save the Hill of Tara from the M3 Motorway!


more Visionnary work from  Terry Tuit at SacredIreland about the Henge at Lismullin and how it might be restored


Tara, the spiritual, archeological and mythical capital of Ireland.

Below is a view of the road scar covering Lismullin Henge, Rath Lugh and more.

Watch the fade in of Lismullin Henge and help us create the Park, first digitally and then in reality.

The seeds have been sown in the hearts of many people.  It's not too late to turn this road scar into a Park.

click on picture above for the Vision



   ...all from www.sacredireland.org



article by Mary Nellis in the Derry Journal last St Patricks day - HERE



M3 already obsolete - more from Tadgh Crowley  - HERE

more about the Meath Master Plan HERE


more about the Meath Park Plan - and downloadable copy -  HERE  


Situation on the Hill  ... 07/06/08  ( as of phone call to Denise at the Vigil )

...this is being written at the moment ....




there is a good article about the Save Tara Campaign HERE

The Ongoing Saga of Royal Tara and the Toll Road   

Author: Caroline Kenner [a WitchVox Sponsor]

Posted: March 16th. 2008

Times Viewed: 2,739

- it is written for witches - but it is a good summing up of some aspects  -  - and including rare pictures of someTara folk in woad




the Hill of Allen - legendary home of the Fianna - also under threat from quarrying  - for gravel - for roads -



Tara discussion and slideshow on a Myspace site

’SAVE TARA!’ - TaraWatch campaign to save Hill of Tara from the M3 motorway in Ireland! You’ll get a profile badge to show your support!



If you listening to todays pat kenny show you'll hear
how the meath county council used aggressive and toxic spray on miles of hedgerows in meath on behalf of the NRA and seriously damaged them, if not killed them in effort to get rid of noxious weeds,(moving of lots of soil during road building would have increased the risk of spread of noxious weeds) but imagine the damaged to the wildlife water and birds etc, a botanist was on who said they used a hammer to crack a nut. They had on the guy from MCC who was denying there was a problem with this, the NRA said it was up to the dept of enviro to monitor how it was carried out and the dept of enviro said it was up to the NRA...

the fact that it was the same guys that brought you m3 through Tara was mentioned on the show...





Erin Go Faster


Published: May 25, 2007

Princeton, N.J.

 " The routing of a busy road slap bang through the Tara-Skryne Valley north of Dublin represents an act of vandalism with not only national, but international, ramifications....  "

text HERE

source HERE

graphic of the motorway being built through the Gabrha Valley - between the Hills of Tara on the left and Skryne(Achall ) on the right ..ie - facing northwards

......from the NY Times



Tara of the Heart

events being planned in Belfast for October by Janet O'Hagan and others - details so far ..will be ....HERE



Facebook - Bebo - Myspace etc   - and all other kinds of networking   ... yes please ~~~

  •  " Following on from the success of the facebook Causes application, which already has over 2,500 members, TaraWatch is utilising the Causes application which has now been installed on myspace, to further the campaign to save the Hill of Tara archaeological complex from the M3 motorway.

    If you support efforts to save the Hill of Tara from the Hill of Tara, you are invited to join the new SAVE TARA myspace cause, which was launched in the last week.

    We already have over 250 members and currently we are ranked:

    - 2nd among small Public Advocacy causes in new members in the past week
    - 4th among small Public Advocacy causes in new members in the past month

    See: http://www.causes.com/myspace/causes/71127?recruiter_id...16545

    The myspace Cause app is not as functional yet, as the facebook equivalent, and does not allow you to email all members, but it is still a great awareness tool. More features are promised though.

    The facebook cause is located at:

    - We will be using these apps to promote the new Tara UNESCO/ICOMOS petition, which will be launched on Wed 8 June, at the ICOMOS Ireland AGM, being held at at Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland, 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

    This notice was posted on: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/87779

    So, let's keep TrollWatch active ;-)

    Save the Hill of Tara from the M3 Motorway!




on YouTube

Popcorn with the cell phone - Popcorn mit dem Handy

..funny ..but somehow - ---  very slightly alarming -



the Ecohouse  - more HERE

new message board for Belfast poets  -  they broke the last one ....



whizzgo cars

now come to belfast

example of environmentally more friendly transport system





Tara Support in Belfast

 Tara Support in Belfast 
any thoughts - plans- ideas etc .....?
please get in touch  - or just go ahead and organise something -
there IS no Central Campaign ...its just random people ; )
all the best - Anita

contacts for Vigil
- Vigil phone 086-1758557
Rath Lugh camp phone: 086 1537 146
another number: 086-3600478
to ring from North or UK
or anywhere else ( ? ) - replace first zero with 00353
me anitagreg@gmail.com
NEW mobile no 07592895321
more details as usual on -


  ( activists )
www.Indymedia.ie   ( for News - search for " Tara" )
www.tarataratara.net   (mine - usually needs updating - )
and the usual - if you are on this list by mistake - just tell me and I will take you off it 
but if you know anyone else who might be interested - please circulate it
and www.sacredireland.org     thats it for the moment - PLEASE support the protest and campaigns peacefully 
and however you can - but letters to the papers especially are needed now ~~~