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29th July 2008














New Petition

two petitions

the Tarawatch petition to UNESCO

NEW ( July 2008 )
Carmel's petition for the reburial of the bodies
-they are currently in binliners in an office in Dundalk

about -

text of petition and
to sign -

 Diarmaid Fleming on Radio 4 explains the situation and background  - very good radio piece -  





Please re-inter the bodies - press release

category international | environment| press release author Dé Luain Iúil 21, 2008 15:14author by Muireann Ni Bhrolchain

Tara campaigners support a petition

Tara Campaigners worldwide are supporting a petition to the Irish Government calling on them to re-inter the remains of individuals whose graves have been desecrated by the ongoing construction of the M3 Motorway in the Gabhra Valley near the historic Hill of Tara in Co. Meath. The petition went live on Saturday 19th July.

Graves at Collierstown
Graves at Collierstown

Indymedia story - HERE

      ~ petition ...    HERE 

also see TBU_HumanRemains


Alternatives ....


There is a diagram of the alternative routes at


or click on map on the right for larger version -

Note, not one of the original routes went outside the Tara complex. The Orange Route came close, to the west, but still passed inside Ringlestown Rath. We spent a day fieldwalking and found a good route for the M3 to pass outside the Rath, thereby saving Tara, omitting the need for the two expensive and damaging N3 interchanges, being shorter and cheaper than the current route, and actually servicing a population in Trim, rather than the sheep on Tara. Finally, I personally prefer this plan because it takes traffic away from the Tara complex, rather than continues to funnel it through the valley and landscape, which will ever-increasingly damage the enjoyment of Tara, regardless of whether it is on a motorway or a 2+1 road.


Vincent                                     28/07/08




Tara of the Heart

An Event is  being planned in Belfast for October 2nd at the Black Box , Hill Street , Belfast 

by Janet O'Hagan and others -

around ideas of Sacred Space

multimedia - there will be music, poetry and Art

 details and contact for anyone who would like to be involved

her number is 07754091232  ..her email is johbfast@yahoo.com



 at  http://www.sacredspacesni.com/







Destruction for Roads

there are very similar situations happening to the Hill of Allen in Kildare - to Thorneborough Henges in England  ( details below ) - and Worldwide -Sacred places are being destroyed for roadbuilding - either because they are in the way - or they are being quarried for gravel for roads

these two are being quarried for gravel -

The image “http://www.hillofallen.ie/images/hill-of-allen.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


Thornborough Henges

" English Heritage declared the complex as the “Most important ancient site between Stonehenge and the Orkneys”, but despite this, it is not listed as a World Heritage Site, which means that the surrounding landscape has no legal protection from developers, other than standard planning regulations.

And right now, Tarmac Northern Ltd is systematically destroying what remains of the ‘ritual’ landscape piece by piece - for gravel.  This has already caused a great deal of the landscape surrounding Thornborough to be lost, including, no doubt, some extremely important archaeology. "


petition to stop the quarrying -





M3 railway bridge at Cannistown seems to be missing ( .......where will the railway go ..? )

Work on the M3 is flying along, with most of the allignment taking shape all the way from Dunboyne to Navan, with overbridges etc installed for most of the route.

However, remarkably the famous bridge at Cannistown included by order of An Bord Pleanála to facilitate the reopening of the Navan line is missing.

The existing stone railway overbridge which took traffic over the railway allignment has been severed and replaced with an overbridge which now takes the same traffic over the M3, which runs beneath it at grade.

But there is no evidence of any contingency being made to facilitate the railway reopening. On the Navan side to the M3 you have the stone overbridge and on the Dublin side the severed embankment, and no sign of any type of bridging structure in between.

All very curious as the works there are quite advanced, and my understanding was that the bridge was to be built as part of the M3 project.

Hopefully I have this wrong. However, if you look at the overbridging of the line at Pace, something looks badly amiss at Cannistown.


  ....more about this- HERE



Curse of Tara  ?

Tara in the papers -

Tara - letter writing -

Meath Heritage event

Tara - connectons with other places

Tara -  Peak Oil - Sustainability - Transition Towns -


two pdfs from Peadar ( as text )

how to take out an injunction -

No vote - what its all about ,,,, ?







the Vigil has moved to Rath Maeve ..just south of the Hill ..now on private land by permission of the farmer..-  see map below

also see Tarapixie


on the  08/08/08

there will be a day of Solidarity for Tara at Tara. I

details being planned at the moment  but there will be more info  shortly from

contacts for Vigil
- Vigil phone 086-1758557
Rath Lugh camp phone: 086 1537 146
or Denise 
at 003530879904501

to ring from North or UK
or anywhere else ( ? ) - replace first zero with 00353

map to new Vigil - click on it for larger version .... >









Help needed with building the Ecohouse at CastleEspie  - no funding - shoestring finance - any abilities wanted !

info from Philip Allen  90716200
mob 07872334180      pelan@btinternet.com

or from Gill at info@lifestylegreen.com

...it will look like the one on Gill's table  in this picture - -  but bigger - HERE



to anyone following the campaign through the Yahoo Groups or through Indymedia - there is a degree of infighting between differrent organistaions and people - I mention this just to say please to ignore it - it just creates a disproportionate amount of noise  - its an Internet thing - I think it drives people mad .......


 Happy Lunasadh !!!



 Tara Support in Belfast

any thoughts - plans- ideas etc .....?
please get in touch  - or just go ahead and organise something - there IS no Central Campaign ...its just random people ; )
...or rather it is a couple of organistaions PLUS random people

and - if not You - then WHO ?

contacts for Vigil
- Vigil phone 086-1758557
Rath Lugh camp phone: 086 1537 146
at 003530879904501
another number: 086-3600478

to ring from North or UK
or anywhere else ( ? ) - replace first zero with 00353

me .... anitagreg@gmail.com
mob -

. ......Great weather ; )


 MISC and Other ~


Experience the Stendhal Sydrome ! - this is when you faint because of being overwhelmed by the wonderfulness of Art  - this will hopefully happen at -

Ballymully Cottage Estate
Roe Valley


Friday 15th - Sunday 17th August 2008


see website - a great lineup already - inc Andy Irvine for us old folks   - but also Sustainability stalls and general family friendliness
and by amazing coincedence it is a couple of fields away from Mullans Organic Farm - so the food should be good too ....



 and  - anyone thinking of setting up a " Belfast -Transition Town " Group ...?

   see    http://transitiontowns.org/Main/HomePage  


 Its Feile time again !  

 .....as usual heaps of stuff for all ages -

from the website HERE .......but just to mention two events

on Tuesday 5th August - from 2 to 5pm at St Marys - there willl be a talk on Transition Towns and a film about how Cuba dealt with its Energy Crisis ...please ring Feile number to confirm...

and on Wednesday - Cattle Raid of Cooley re-enactment  - this looks great !





Fàilte gu Celtic Britain!

 great graphics - mad as biscuits -little sense of geography -  

but with a good picture of Rath Maeve - the Vigil has moved to Rath Maeve- just by  bottom right of picture -l

Rath Maeve


...   people get ready .......... to

Chalk4Peace September
13th - 21st 2008


don't fight be happy

  Please copy this & forward this to your contacts


Sept  13th - 21st

- WE have TOTAL access -

We CAN Make THE Difference





Infinite Possibilities - Current Projects

"If we don't create our future, our past will create it for us"

Greet someone new today,
look into their eyes,
smile, say hello,
shake their hand ...



Researchers: Organic push won't hurt world food supply

Posted 5/5/2007 4:02 PM | Comments3 | Recommend14 E-mail | Save | Print |

 Workers tend to a field of lettuce at an organic farm in California.  Enlarge

By David Paul Morris, Getty Images

Workers tend to a field of lettuce at an organic farm in California.

ROME (AP) — Organic food has long been considered a niche market and a luxury for wealthy consumers. But researchers told a U.N. conference Saturday that a large-scale shift to organic agriculture could actually help fight world hunger while improving the environment.

Crop yields initially can drop as much as 50% when industrialized, conventional agriculture using chemical fertilizers and pesticides is converted to organic. While such decreases often even out over time and promote other benefits, the figures have kept the organic movement largely on the sidelines of discussions about feeding the hungry.

Researchers in Denmark found, however, that there would not be any serious negative effect on food security for sub-Saharan Africa if 50% of agricultural land in the food exporting regions of Europe and North America were converted to organic by 2020.

While total food production would drop, the amount per crop would be much less than previously assumed, and the drop in world food prices that resulted could be mitigated by improvements in the land and other benefits, the study found.

A similar conversion to organic farming in sub-Saharan Africa could help the region's hungry because it could reduce their need to import food, Niels Halberg, a senior scientist at the Danish Research Center for Organic Food and Farming, told the U.N. conference on "Organic Agriculture and Food Security."

 more HERE


....... if you have EVER thought about keeping bees .......

Top Bar Beekeeping

chemical-free, low-cost, low-maintenance, low-impact, top bar beekeeping for everyone

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visit our international top bar beekeeping forum
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     " EVE " -   a plywood egg up a tree  - I LIKE this ; )


.....probably beeproof -

the Shambala prophecy - Deep Time etc  




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