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2nd October 2008





Tara Belfast Update 24

this is on tonight - please try and make it - it should be great !

money raised will go towards paying off the cost of the survey called for by sacredireland.org which showed that the majority of people in the Republic did NOT want the M3 routed through this valley

about Red C HERE

the website for the event tonight is -


and the bull in the picture on the website was in front of the holestone in co Antrim at the Equinox


blue lights and triangular shaped objects  have been spotted around Meath -
very near the airport of course but one of the spotters is a pilot and he should know what is and isnt a plane

and this has been reported in the Belfast Telegraph ....so no New Age nonsense HERE then -

Politician and pilot spot UFO in Meath


suggestions are being made that it is to do with the digging up at Tara  - and various entities becoming distressed -

no comment from here - -----  who knows ?

and  plenty from Pauline Bleach in a letter published in the Irish Independant http://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/weird-goingson-in-tara-decision-1486610.html

there is film footage from a camera phone and a picture of this here -

http://www.theufochronicles.com/ ( scroll down )

- but this may well be an Artists Impression rather than the film itself as the red ray looks about right - but the view of Meath is perhaps a bit imaginative
...but we are living in interesting times ; ) --- hope to see you later - at the Event




 thats all for now

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Tara Support in Belfast
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- more info re / what is going on at Tara from the usual sources

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