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October 27th 2008


Tara Belfast Update 25





Beacons For Tara







...  sorry - writers block strikes again - so as usual this is truly belated ..low key this year but the fire is being lit again from Tlachtga ( the Hill of Ward ) - taken to Tara and then sent out in to the different directions

either in reality or in Imagination , people are being asked to light flames to make rays of light spiralling out of Tara

the flame at Tara is being lit tonight  - the flames from it ...whenever you think it should arrive ....



"For this reason they (the Celts) measure periods of time not by days but by nights; and in celebrating birthdays, the first of the month, and new year’s day, they go on the principle that the day begins at night." (Julius Caesar, Conquest of Gaul, VI.18)

" ... from death and darkness springs life and light ..."


Celtic New Year
by Samhain Fri 31 Oct 2008 10:14:25 AM CDT

"To the Celts, time was circular rather than linear. This is reflected in their commencing each day, and each festival, at dusk rather than dawn, a custom comparable with that of the Jewish Sabbath. It is also reflected in their year beginning with the festival of Samhain on 31 October, when nature appears to be dying down. Tellingly, the first month of the Celtic year is Samonios, ‘Seed Fall’: in other words, from death and darkness springs life and light."


and please sign and circulate the Tara Reburials petition



....there is a lot of Tara News - when I get over this stupid computerphobia  - it will be pasted up onto http://www.tarataratara.net/TaraBelfast/TBU25.htm

....at least there will be SOMething there by Monday

but see www.savetara.com
 www.tarawatch.org  for the latest news and plans ....
also www.tarapixie.net

and www.sacredireland.org

...and the " Sacred Spaces " event coordinated by Janet O'Hagan at the Black Box was wonderful and raised a much needed £380 for the Sacred Ireland Poll fund  : )

     so- all apologies for lateness - and  Happy New Year !!!!


Beacons For Tara

  the Samhain page - HERE



Janet O' Hagan's new website for the Sacred Spaces Northern Ireland project



 more about this project HERE




Hill of Tara 2nd Beacons Festival Oct 31st

Tuesday October 28, 2008 01:25 by Sid - da little people

Relighting the fires of our ancestors in defence of the land.

Following last years epic celebration when the 7 beacon fires were lit,and Taras Feasting Hall was once again filled with music,songs poems and bardery.The Harps were heard again.
Relighting the fires of our ancestors in defence of the land.Come along hear the call of the ancient halls on October 31st.

A Chara

Hill of Tara presents the 2nd Beacons festival this coming Samhain (Halloween) All Hallows Eve Friday Oct 31st.
A recreation of the Ancient Tlachgta fire festival.
ALL WELCOME spread the word

Also this thurs 7pm movie night on the vigil.




Hi all,

I will not be there this year but wish ye all a fabulous night reigniting the Solidarity Beacons, re energising the land, and may the Chain of Light created reflect the symbolism of the sun spreading across Ireland in the dark dark night.

Respect The Ancestors!






by Tara Tara Tara Wed Oct 29, 2008 13:23


The pics here are from last year's Solidarity Beacons/ Feis Teamhair event, Samhain 2007.

This year I will be at Tlachtga, Hill of Ward but wish all of those at Tara a peaceful, respectful, Spiritual Samhain in honour of the Ancestors.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the Tlachtga torchlit procession and open ceremony will meet at 7.30pm Fair Green Athboy and from there make their way to the Hill of Ward ( Tlachtga). All welcome.

Fire at Tlachtga

...flame brought to Tara

Poets and Musician's Tent and Stage

The Mighty Gather In

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/84613


TaraWatch may field candidates - Irish Times

Tara M3 questions to political parties

Irish Times - News Round up 29 October 2008
In Short - The Irish Times - Wed, Oct 29, 2008

TaraWatch has sent questionnaires to the political parties in advance of next year's local and European elections asking them to outline their positions on the controversial M3 upgrading.

The parties are asked 10 questions, in particular whether they support the current route of the M3 or a route farther away from the Hill of Tara.

TaraWatch spokesman Vincent Salafia said it is considering fielding candidates if the response from the political parties is not sufficient.

- Questionnaire available at TaraWatch






 Threat to the Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara is under threat from the construction of a new motorway, the M3, which is currently being built and will disect the tranquil Tara-Skryne valley and pose... Threat to the Hill of Tara
The Hill of Tara is under threat from the construction of a new motorway, the M3, which is currently being built and will disect the tranquil Tara-Skryne valley and pose a threat to many monuments which will doubtlessly be uncovered during its construction. Already a unique hengiform site has been revealed at Lismullen, and this has stopped work on the motorway.

The Hill of Tara, known as Temair in gaeilge, was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland -- 142 kings are said to have reigned there in prehistoric and historic times. In ancient Irish religion and mythology Temair was the sacred place of dwelling for the gods, and was the entrance to the otherworld. Saint Patrick is said to have come to Tara to confront the ancient religion of the pagans at its most powerful site.

One interpretation of the name Tara says that it means a "place of great prospect" and indeed on a clear day it is claimed that features in half the counties of Ireland can be seen from atop Tara. In the distance to the northwest can be seen the brilliant white quartz front of Newgrange and further north lies the Hill of Slane, where according to legend St. Patrick lit his Pascal fire prior to his visit to Tara in 433 AD.

Early in the 20th century a group of Israelites came to Tara with the conviction that the Arc of the Covenant was buried in on the famous hill. They dug the Mound of the Synods in search of the Arc but found only some Roman coins. Official excavation in the 1950s revealed circles of post holes, indicating the construction of substantial buildings here. A new theory suggests Tara was the ancient capital of the lost kingdom of Atlantis. The mythical land of Atlantis was Ireland, according to a new book.

There are a large number of monuments and earthen structures on the Hill of Tara. The earliest settlement at the site was in the Neolithic, and the Mound of the Hostages was constructed in or around 2500BC. There are over thirty monuments which are visible, and probably as many again which have no visible remains on the surface but which have been detected using special non-intrusive archaeological techniques and aerial photography. A huge temple measuring 170 metres and made of over 300 wooden posts, was discovered recently at Tara. Only two monuments at Tara have been excavated - The Mound of the Hostages in the 1950s, and the Rath of the Synods at the turn of the 19th-20th Centuries. Click here to see a comprehensive map of the monuments on Tara. Click here for the Tara photo gallery.

The Stone of Destiny

Sitting on top of the King's Seat (Forradh) of Temair is the most famous of Tara's monuments - Ireland's ancient coronation stone - the Lia Fail or "Stone of Destiny", which was brought here according to mythology by the godlike people, the Tuatha Dé Danann, as one of their sacred objects. It was said to roar when touched by the rightful king of Tara.

Formerly located just north of the Mound of the Hostages (see map), it was moved to its current site after the Battle of Tara during the Irish revolution of 1798 to mark the graves of 400 rebels who died here. Some say the true Stone of Destiny was formerly the Pillow of Jacob from the Old Testament. They also claim it was flat and that it was moved from Tara by King Fergus of Scotland and was named the Stone of Scone which then became the coronation stone of British kings at Westminster Cathedral. Many historians accept that the present granite pillar at Tara is the true Stone of Destiny, but a number of people have argued that the Stone of Scone is in fact the real thing. One legend states that it was only one of four stones positioned at the cardinal directions on Tara - and it is interesting to note that the Hall of Tara, the ancient political centre of Ireland, is aligned North-South.



Arial pictures on Muireann's site


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