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Tara Belfast Update 26






apologies for NO Tara Belfast Updates - even though as usual there is things going on - I just havent written them - sorry

the Vigil folks are still at Tara  -

but the tipi and the Vigil fire have been moved off the hill to a field behind Rath Maeve  - see map above

see HERE for details of the Vigil and films of the move

..meanwhile   ..

Capitaism has Collapsed
- or at least turned out to be less reliable that we thought  - so  there is perhaps a mood of wondering if things should be sacrificed for Growth - when the benefits have turned out to be not only questionable but temporary

so - what with thisall  etc -people are again pushing for the Meath MASTER Plan
for Sustainable Development
see http://www.indymedia.ie/article/86700&comment_limit=0&condense_comment

as with uncertain oil prices - the need to cut carbon emissions - the threat to the Tourist industry etc
it becomes more relevant than ever

and with the election of Barak Obama in the States , maybe the idea that Spirit is important can be taken  seriously again -           even by politicians and we are moving into a different Era....maybe....

- anyway - the Save Tara campaign - in all its many pieces - carries on ......



: )  -  more brilliant graphics from the tireless campaigners at Sacred Ireland - HERE




NorthernVisions film of the Sacred Spaces night at the Black Box - great shots of 
some of the artwork and artists - raised money for the independent poll comissioned
by Sacred Ireland that showed that 70 per cent of people in the Republic of Ireland  wanted the M3 rerouted away 
from the Tara Skryne valley 



Below is a link to the Sacred Spaces programme of the Black Box Event online which went out on air on the 29th,  

 It takes a little while to load up so be patient


  Sacred Spaces website here  http://www.sacredspacesni.com/


more about Sacred Spaces NI - HERE



Tara documetary

Hi all,
The documentary on Tara, called Teamhair, will air on TG4 next Wednesday
3rd December. This is the one that Colm Stapleton made. It begins at
9.30pm, prime viewing time, and runs for an hour. I met a pixie
yesterday who has seen a preview. Its pretty good it seems. Muireann



 more from http://itison.tv/tara/?p=75


as usual all sorts of news on the Yahoo Groups - savetara (SaveTara) and HillOfTara (Tarawatch ) - and Indymedia of course


I see the NRA continue to outshine themselves.


Published: Wednesday, 26th November, 2008 11:30

Angry residents say new roundabout cuts them off from Dunshaughlin
By Ann Casey
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Local children and parents protest at the roundabout at Cooksland,
Angry local residents protested at the new Cooksland roundabout,
north of Dunshaughlin, last week to highlight the fact that all
pedestrian access to the village has been cut off from those living
north of the roundabout.

Parents and their children delayed traffic at the new roundabout to
make their protest on Wednesday evening when they were accompanied by
Deputy Shane McEntee and Green party candidate, Sean O Buachalla......

more on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/savetara/message/5977

also - please please PLEASE  sign and circulate the Tara Reburials petition at


more about the Meath Park Plan - and downloadable copy -  HERE  


someones Tara graphic.... I think the spot is  the Lia Fail



new arial pictures



 thats all for now

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Tara Support in Belfast
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  and http://www.indymedia.ie  and search for " Tara " or " Rath Lugh "

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M3 already obsolete - more from Tadgh Crowley  - HERE



the Lismullin stone - more HERE