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Tara Belfast Update 32


Spring  !

the protests continue.......


hi guys

still spinning after the events of tuesday..... it was great, brilliant stuff from the galway crew and fair play to those up this end that came out in the crappy of crappiest weather......

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slanapixies roll on paddys day!!!!



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Earth Hour !

climate change


earth hour!! the biggest voluntary power down in history...8.30-9.30pm...sat 28th march.....



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" On a clear night Tara must be able to see the stars "
the quote is from " Road Runs Through Tara " By Colm Toibin.



  very latest videos - links  just came in today  - these are

hi guys here are two new videos i been working on...



action 25 3 09



action 14 03 09 0002



 these are truly good ; )

the first one is just beautiful - and with a great soundtrack -
the second one is in support of the Shell to Sea campaign

Flyer March 2009

Flyer March 2009
For distribution

Vigil Support , map and /or contact details down the page


M3 at time of economic recession









Protesters' disgust at ongoing construction of M3 at M3 at time of economic recession

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From: tarapixie


As Galway has a huge support network for the Tara M3 protest, a few buskathons were held to fundraise for a coach of Cultural Protecters to visit the Gabhra Valley. So on the 03/03/09, young and old turned up bright and early to catch the Tara Bus. A few showers of rain and a cold wind could not dampen the spirits as the good people of Galway converged in Eyre Square. There was plenty of time to get to know one another as the land between Galway and Tara flew past the windows. On the bus music was played, leaflets were handed out and a talk was given on Tara's history and the damage the illegal and unnecessary M3 is doing to the Gabhra Valley

Once we arrived in the valley it was decided to pay a visit to the main Eurolink and Ferrovial offices in Cooksland, just outside Dunshaughlin. Much to the dismay of the Irish nation, in a time of global financial crisis, work on the M3 is  ---

 - more on the Tarapixie blog HERE






a video from back when the Vigil was on the part of the Hill under the control of the OPW

it is still absolutely relevant - perhaps more than ever -




Tara - ancient astronomers- 

more from  http://whc.unesco.org/en/activities/19

UN's Year of Astronomy 09 & Heritage & "cultural tourism" Posted by: "robin goodfellow" robinorout1@hotmail.co.uk

Sat Mar 7, 2009 2:27 am (PST)

Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative

The cosmos have captivated the imagination of civilizations throughout the ages. The efforts of those cultures to understand or interpret what they see in the sky are often reflected in their architecture, petroglyphs, and other cultural representations.

The objective of the Astronomy and World Heritage thematic initiative is to establish a link between science and culture on the basis of research aimed at acknowledging the cultural and scientific values of properties connected with astronomy. The identification, safeguarding and promotion of these properties are the three lines of actions for the implementation of this programme. Its goals are:

to offer a methodological framework for associated actions
to open the pathway for cooperation between States Parties and academic communities and
to share knowledge.
The sky, our common and universal heritage, forms an integral part of the total environment that is perceived by mankind. Including the interpretation of the sky as a theme in World Heritage is a logical step towards taking into consideration the relationship between mankind and its environment. This step is necessary for the recognition and safeguarding of cultural properties and of cultural or natural landscapes that transcribe the relationship between mankind and the sky.

Properties relating to astronomy stand as a tribute to the complexity and diversity of ways in which people rationalised the cosmos and framed their actions in accordance with that understanding. This includes, but is by no means restricted to, the development of modern scientific astronomy. This close and perpetual interaction between astronomical knowledge and its role within human culture is a vital element of the outstanding universal value of these properties. These material testimonies of astronomy, found in all geographical regions, span all periods from prehistory to today.

Why "Astronomy" and "World Heritage"
As there are few properties related to science on the World Heritage List, and the scientific value of cultural properties related to astronomy is not always recognized, the World Heritage Centre, in close collaboration with the State Parties and ICOMOS, have developed the thematic initiative "Astronomy and World Heritage" in response to the ever-growing concept of World Heritage, and the Global Strategy for a Balanced, Representative and Credible World Heritage List adopted by the World Heritage Committee in 1994.

This Initiative provides us with an opportunity to identify properties related to astronomy located around the world, to preserve their memory and save them from progressive deterioration.

Support from the international community is needed to develop this activity which will allow us to help preserve this sometimes very fragile heritage.


Anna Sidorenko-Dulom (a.sidorenko@unesco.org)

Dec 20, 2007
United Nations 62nd General Assembly proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy




the orthostat


Tara: Voices from Our Past - a recent discovery



a short film by Mairéid Sullivan Over the past decade there has been considerable controversy regarding construction of the M3 Motorway through the Tara Valley, especially in light of the discoveri...



Tara Network

trying to preserve whatever possible of the temple art Lismullin




FAO José Tamariz
A chara
Further to our communication to you of Feb 12th (copied below) we have received an acknowledgment of our proposal from Minister Noel Dempsey. In addition, we have been granted permission by the landowner to access the land in question. We would respectfully request that people are allowed to approach said land without let or hindrance via the part of the CPO land under consideration.
Mise le meas



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tara Network <taranetwork@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 4:01 PM
Subject: Fwd: Lismullin Henge/Post Enclosure, farm access road
To: info@eurolink-m3.ie

FAO José Tamariz
Confirming our telephone conversation of friday 6th february, we are in consultation with The Lismullin Advisory Committee, The Heritage Council, The National Monuments Division of the Department of the Environment, NRA, Meath County Council  and a number of TD's and Government Ministers regarding a proposal at Lismullen Henge or Post Hole Enclosure.
The farm access road will be unnecessary if this proposal is accepted.
We would therefor request that construction of said farm access road should be suspended until a final decision has been made on the proposal which may be viewed at the following website:
Many thanks for your interest.


So that everyone knows the exact centre of the henge, here are the co ordinates. A hand held GPS will help you pinpoint the spot until it becomes permanently marked. There are a number of these within the network.

Begin forwarded message:
From: "Mary Deevy" <mdeevy@nra.ie>
Date: 11 February 2008 17:40:49 GMT
Subject: Lismullin 1 NGC

Dear Terry

The previous number I gave you was for the centre of the whole Lismullin site.

I can now clarify that the NGC for the Lismullin post enclosure centre is 293423, 261563 (accurate to within


----- Original Message -----
From: Terry <intuition@eircom.net>
To: Mary Deevy
Sent: Mon Feb 11 15:22:15 2008
Subject: Re: Lismullin 1 NGC

Thanks for these Mary.
Could you tell me the degree of accuracy that  they represent.
For instance to within 1 metre? 10 metres? 100 metres?
Many thanks for your help.

On 11 Feb 2008, at 14:58, Mary Deevy wrote:

Dear Terry

As requested - co-ordinates for Lismullin 1 post enclosure - NGC  
293437, 261602


Mary Deevy
Senior Archaeologist, Eastern Team

National Roads Design Office
Enterprise Centre
Trim Road
Co Meath
046 9075033



and just bye the bye -

Green Tara

supposed nothing to do with Tara in Ireland  - well - whatever

Jai Tara Maa
Images of Mother Tara with her mantra.
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From: Buddhist4Vishnu


   see also TBU _Teamhair


Tara Action March 09


author by Tarapixiepublication date Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:19Report this post to the editors

Please bring cameras and video equipment

Embedded video Youtube Video Id:=QoBVIL5lCtg

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net


author by Timetomoveon - The defeated peoplepublication date Fri Feb 27, 2009 21:32Report this post to the editors

Would it be fair to say that this protest is over ?

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Fri Feb 27, 2009 22:42Report this post to the editors

No, it would be more fair to say that the protest is escalating once again . In these times of economic uncertaintainty - to put it mildly- it is more imperative than ever to raise the issue of how the M3 through the Valley is totally wrong in Every Way!

Once you have paid your Double Tolls daily on the M3 and, please do factor in the fines- estimate €50m or more for breaching EU directives that will be imposed upon the Irish people-and will have to be PAID, (thanks to the Govt that led us into this mess) how can Any of it be justified?

Will the people stand for it, or, will they now stand up to be counted and demand something better ?

I am appealing to the Purses- seeing as the destruction of our heritage and culture seems to have reckoned little.

I am guessing that most Irish people would rather have properly functioning schools, hospitals, etc than more needless Motorways, am I wrong?

I dont think so.

Because there is a better way!

Related Link: http://www.meathmasterplan.com



Tara : Photos/YouTube video of yesterday's Nonviolent Direct Action against M3

category meath | environment| news report author Wednesday March 04, 2009 14:04author by TD Report this post to the editors

Report ...

to follow.





Letter to the Editor: The Irish News: Time to weigh the past against the Future


Time to weigh the past against the future

Letter to the Editor: The Irish News 04/03/09

In the light of the recent article in the Smithsonian magazine on the threat to Tara (The Irish News, February 28) it may be time for our leaders to reconsider the value of heritage and culture as something of major significance to the prosperity of the nation.

The heritage which Tara represents is far more significant than the economic chicanery which has been passed off as the priority for the development of this state for far too long. Indeed, it is far more valuable to Irish society as it repositions itself in the wake of the international downturn, as our ancient heritage is also of a global importance, and we must share it with the world, as well as protecting it from mismanagement and poor planning at home.

Dr Liam Leonard
Lecturer in Sociology & Criminology, Institute of Technology, Sligo

Please Sign the new Save Tara UNESCO petition




Please sign the  Tara Reburials Petition and pass it on.



the Vigil

Poet and Tara protestor Kieron Murray

Poet and Tara protestor Kieron Murray, also known as Kyrie Murray, reading poetry in a hut at the Hill of Tara.




Vigil support and map

        Vigil Support details - checked for accuracy last week

        Details of the DA account TOTALLY managed by and for the DA are :-
        Tara Solidarity Vigil Account AIB Navan
        Sort Code 93-21-83
        Account NO: 43326084

        For International Banking :-
        IBAN: IE96-AIBK-9321-8343-3260-84 (BIC:AIBKIE2D)

        also credit for the Vigil phone - please send to 0861758557- VERY URGENT.

        HELP NEEDED NOW. Cameras and phones to document, witnesses, support.


Click on map for a larger version



Curse of Tara Strikes Again ....?



 not relevant MISC


The prophecies of Nostrodamus - interpretted by " Jah " and supposedly regarding Tara

probably mad anyway - and " Jah"'s interpretaions even more off-the-wall
  - but - food for thought as we were discussing mobile signals ....  it does look like there are adding to the generally grim outllok 8|

Quatrain 1,54

Deux revolts faicte de maling falcigere,
De regne & siecles faict permutation:
Le mobil signe son endroit si ingere,
Aux deux egaux & d'inclination.

Two revolutions will be made by the Grim-Reaper,
making a change of reign and centuries:
The mobile sign thus moves into his house,
Equal in favour to both sides (unbiased).

lots more from   http://www.truth.fi/nostmeat.htm