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Easter 2009





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due to admin incompetence , the Update that went out on 27th march 2010 was wrongly titled " TBU33"
and referrenced to this page , which turns out to be from Easter 2009

it should have been called TBU36

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Tara Belfast Update 33


Hi there


Happy Easter !


which is a special day for Tara  because it was at Tara that St Patrick had his show-down with the Druids -

and he won of course - at least that time

 .... the story of St Patrick's run in with the Druids at Tara at Easter according to Catholic Encyclopedia HERE

but all that is long ago but it is of course one of the reasons why Tara is so important to both Christians and Pagans



a New Calendar

 Due to the way things never get pasted up here until the last minute  ,  I thought it might be a good idea to paste up a calendar of upcoming events and dates - especially the ones that come around on the same day every year
it is HERE
and as usual it is incompletely finished and Im rushing out the door for three weeks
but it will get more professional-looking - later this month -
hopefully ; )
but as I was pasting it up , I found that someone had already done this , and far more competantly of course
These people are local Meath people and I think they are connected with both the

Meath Archaeological and Historical Society 


and the Meath Peace Group - whose website is HERE


Anyway , here is their website  , Tara Celebrations


it isnt a campaign site but about celebrating the sacred aspects of Tara all through the year ,
 please check it out because whether you can get to Tara  or not  , it is a beautiful website - informative , from the Heart , and has great pictures too

..lovely !


  ... and this looks interesting - Martin Dier is an archaelogist and one way or another it should be a wonderful day

18 April 2009 - Gathering of the Ancestors


2pm guided tour of the Hill led by Martin Dier - meet at the entrance gate

3pm gathering at Rath Grainne with silent meditation and whatever arises spontaneously.

Like the fingers of the hand we are all part of the whole. 

Throughout time we have lived together whatever our culture, we should love our traditions, honour and share with others in equality. The times of separation are passed.

At this gathering we shall let heart take the lead, acknowledge times past and know that we are the future. We shall listen to the sounds of our surroundings and be with the earth, elements, sun, moon, all beings and ancestors to bring joy to ourselves and to the earth.

This gathering is inspired by the 'Return of the Ancestors' events being held in Arizona and around the world between 18 and 28 April. These are meetings of indigenous elders and local communities affirming the interconnectness of all beings through ceremony, sharing wisdom and visiting sacred sites. http://www.earthworksforhumanity.org/pages/ROTA.shtml.

from http://www.taracelebrations.org/view/WHATS_ON_CALENDAR/


but  the TBU calendar has things the Tara Celebrations one doesnt have

...or at least it WILL have ..

- so please check it out as well ,



and already there are complaints from local people about being unable to access the railway at Pace without having to go through the M3 motorway tollbooth - more to come on this story -


and the video from the St Patricks Day "Skeleton "demo is at






and if anyone is insufficiently depressed by the Recession and all -

are you sure you know enough about the prophecies from cultures all over the World predicting DOOM ?

- fairly immanently  - then why not check out this interesting video  -

Ancient Oracles of DOOM ....here


oh well - que sera sera  ; )   - but it would be useful to know whether it would be worth making long-term plans at all ...




or if you have never really felt embarrassed for a policeman - see this video HERE from the G20 protests

G20 april 1st 2009 - "In peace We Come" Climate change camp


- what could be better for Easter ?
and more of this happy stuff from
www.Infinitepossibility.org     8 )



AND - just come in !

The documentary starts tomorrow ( ie/ Easter monday ) at 6.30pm on RTE 1.





anyway- Happy Easter ! or Ostara , whatever



and the usual - if you are on this list by mistake - just say - and Ill take you off the list else please pass it on to anyone who might be interested or send in any material connected - -  to Tara - the Sacred Earth -  sustainable development - er  - etc

Tara Support in Belfast
and the campaign goes on - - -

- more info re / what is going on at Tara from the usual sources

  and http://www.indymedia.ie  and search for " Tara "
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