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14th June 2009



Tara Belfast Update 34


this time its  -

Summer Solstice !!!




1/    Summer Solstice at Tara

     Summer Solstice Sunday 21st June 09

    Hi all,

    There will be various groups and individuals gathered on the Hill of Tara for the usual greeting of the dawn at Summer Solstice .


    Following on from that there will also be a Healing Gathering at Lismullin Henge at 11am.
    The sun will be at its zenith at 11.26am so the ceremony will get under way in time for that. Please bring gifts for the land eg. crystals, incense, flowers, water, music etc .

    No leaders just sharers, all welcome.

    The Vigil ( at Belper Farm just down the road from Rath Maeve)
    see map
    welcomes anyone who wishes to camp there to do so as no camping is allowed on the Hill.

    Vigil ph: 0861758557   ( 00353861758557 from North )




2 /     Summer Solstice at Giants Ring , Belfast

    Saturday Evening

    There will be a drumming evening at The Giants Ring on the evening of Sat 20th of June
    time - 7.30 to 10.30
    there will be drum circle  , workshops and generally  Family Friendlines - not drinking and mayhem - but a lot of fun

    Different Drums of Ireland  will be involved
    and if you don't know of them , see their website http://www.differentdrums.info/    - they are more than good - they are awsome and it will be an unforgettable event

    it sounds absolutely brilliant  - I wont  be there myself because of being away and am very regretful - it sounds great

    bring a drum if you have one - or something inanimate to hit - or improvise or borrow

    and for any more info - ring 90491922 , the Lagan Valley Regional Park office no in office hours as I think it is being organised jointly by them and by Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) http://www.nienvironmentlink.org/


    and then on
    Sunday Morning
     there is a " Walk and Talk" at the Giants Ring - meet in the car park at 11 am

    A Stone Age Solstice

    Sunday 21st June


    "Celebrate the summer solstice at the prehistoric monument of the Giant’s Ring.
    This area has been a ‘Ceremonial Landscape’ since the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Join us and discover the archaeological importance of the Giant’s Ring and its associated area, and explore how our ancestors might have lived thousands of years ago.

    Meet at Giant’s Ring car park at 11.00am


    both events are FREE  - but for the Sunday Morning one they would like people to book in advance and and this can be done by ringing the Lagan Valley Park office - in office hours
    - their number is Park Office 028 9049 1922

 ...there are probably a heap of other Solstice things planned but
a/ I don't know about them as this letter is going out
b /  the Giants Ring is particularly connected with the henge at  Lismullin somehow ,that is being destroyed for the M3
the groundplan is very similar

the purposes of both are not entirely clear

Social , Spiritual and very possibly also as stellar observatories  , with the surrounding bank blocking out the " Extinction Zone " where stars cannot be seen clearly because of haze
so that the rising and setting times and points of the star can be clearly seen  
    - but - why ?

more about the Giants Ring

seeTBU Giants Ring















more about


see TBU Lismullin

Incidentally in the second photo, which is the view from Lismullin Bridge, you can see the circular field on the right which is where the Henge is- the 2/3 that was not eaten up by the road take. This is where the Garden of Remembrance is hoped to be as proposed by Tara campaigners, plans of which can be viewed at www.sacredireland.org

Related Link: http://www.sacredireland.org

Lismullin Bridge to Rath Lugh- see Henge
Lismullin Bridge to Rath Lugh- see Henge  (to right of picture)

Indymedia story HERE




3/     Bremore

Deep-water port planned for area of Neolithic Culture - possible first point of settlement from Spain

    The Bremore tombs belong to a wider group known as the Bremore/Gormanston group that extends long the coast on either side of the mouth of the river Delvin. This is in itself significant as it indicates they were a ‘landing point’ and the start of the western expansion of tombs inland to Fourknocks. Passage tombs are thought to have originated from Iberia and the Bremore tombs would therefore represent an early stage in the developmental sequence-they are thus seen as the PRECURSERS of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth.
    The Bremore tombs, as monuments of national importance, are protected by a Preservation Order (No. 22/76) which means no works can take place on or in the vicinity of the monuments without the consent of the Minister of the Environment.

    They are also listed on the Record of Protected Structures (RPS 003) .

    Thus Bremore passage tomb cemetery is subject to several levels of protection. As outlined by the National Monuments Service, the OPW is responsible for signage and care of the monuments. Also the passage tombs are on private land, in the care of the OPW and the National Monument Service.

    I last walked the land and videod the area two weeks ago and evidence of ploughing was already to be seen with deep gorges sctatched into the ancient stones by farm machinery. A friend who visited Bremore again at the weekend saw somthing much worse and pictures are available at the following blog link. Tractors had encroached UP ONTO the mounds and they are now sown with corn. Many of the ancient stones were moved aside shorn out of the places that they have occupied for millenia. This scandalous destruction warrants prosecution immediately and a full investigation.

    Indymedia story HERE



    there will be an Achaeology walk around Bremore on Friday 19th of June -
    it is beginning to look like a very good day with music as well  but it is coming together at the moment and details are yet to be finalised

     .......  call Carmel 0876100771 -( 00353876100771 from North )  to find out more about this


4/   Shell to Sea
Some International dimensions ~~~

  1.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu objects to the assault on Shell to Sea protester Willie Corduff
  2. ShellToSea and the Remember Ken Saro_Wiwa campaign -
        details of both stories -
    see TBU Bremore


4/   All charges against all the Tara campaigners dropped

due to contradictions between Gardai statements and film taken by the construction workers
 and the defense by Michael Finucane

see http://www.savetara.com/statements/060409_dismissed.html

"After two years Tara Campaigners have their day in court.

I was going to call this 'Operation Keystone Cops', the cases against campaigners who have been carrying
round bail conditions for two years in their academic and ordinary lives have had cases dismissed.

Solicitor Michael Finucane defended at Trim court this past Monday, as one by one cases were dismissed.
It was at the very least the sixth or seventh time that the defendants were before the courts,
with mostly the arrests happening on one particular day in July 2007.

They waited two years to have the charges brought against them in Irish courts, there appears to
be a problem with the data (video and photographic that the Gardai were using as evidence). I attended
up to four of these cases btw- thus congrats to those whose lives have been upturned in trying to body
out the Official history of how the Gabhra Valley was bisected by anFF/PD government."


" congrats but it always about harassment and deterring protests rather then convictions "

from www.politics.ie HERE


5/  04.25.09

Colm Tóibín speaks out on Tara and the M3 motorway again,
in the Irish Times interview

on the Tarawatch site HERE



6/  the Elections    ......   !

Sun Jun 7, 2009

FF may not be able to recover

By DANIEL McCONNELL Chief Reporter

One well respected Tara campaigner, JP Fay told me about a converstaion he had
with Noel Dempsey long time ago where he told him that FF had sealed their fate
forevermore in Irish politics when they put the road through the Tara Valley.
Dempsey was ashen faced and speechless.
Prophetic :)




and 7/    
-  well , the Epoch Times from some unknown country

http://www.epochtimes.com.ua/ru/articles/view/13/12510.html   ... Russia ?

Плакат с протестом против недавнего одобрения An Bord Pleanala схемы ирландского Правительства, разделить долину Tara/Skryne автострадой M3, 10 октября 2004 в Голуэе, Ирландия. Фото: ShowbizIreland/Getty Images
Плакат с протестом против недавнего одобрения An Bord Pleanala схемы ирландского Правительства, разделить долину Tara/Skryne автострадой M3, 10 октября 2004 в Голуэе, Ирландия. Фото: ShowbizIreland/Getty Images

The Epoch Times Украина ( Великая Эпоха ) - международный информационный проект: www.epochtimes.com.ua/ru/








For the english version....





Shell to Sea

  see TBU ShellToSea



see TBU Bremore



Giants Ring

seeTBU Giants Ring



see TBU Lismullin






and just again ....

Green Tara

supposed nothing to do with Tara in Ireland  - well - whatever

Jai Tara Maa
Images of Mother Tara with her mantra.
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