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The next Tara/M3 spectacle.
The planned site of the new Drogheda/Dublin Port at Bremore could well be the next Tara/M3 spectacle. The site, which comprising of several hundred acres, contains the remnants of a number of passage tombs and practically every field, which the new Drogheda Port Company facility will be built on, contains early Neolithic archaeology. “The tombs at Bremore are of an earlier date than that of Newgrange and Fourknocks. They are very early Neolithic and this has been recorded before,” said local historian Brendan Matthews. “The tombs are only the start of the archaeology in the area. I walk the fields there regularly and I have collected bags of flint objects including scrapers and arrowheads.” An archaeological excavation undertaken in 1840 on a tomb at Knocknagin at the Delvin River uncovered a number of early Neolithic finds and stones around the tomb had no drawings engraved on them pointing to an earlier date than that of Newgrange. Finds in the area point to Bremore being one of the first ever sites of Neolithic settlement in Ireland.
The E300 million development was given the green light by the government after the Transport and Marine Minister Noel Dempsey stated that he intended to give permission to the Drogheda company.
Anthony Murphy of www. Mythicalireland.com said, “The remnants of the passage tombs at Bremore are Neolithic and are on the same timeline as Newgrange.” “These are no ordinary fields, it has been recorded that there is significant archaeology on the land.” The Drogheda Leader contacted the Drogheda Port Company but they were unavailable for comment at the time of print.
From The Drogheda Leader, November 21. 2008.

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Excellent blog - explains what is happening



there will be an Achaeology walk around Bremore on Friday 19th of June -
it is beginning to look like a very good day with music as well  but it is coming together at the moment and details are yet to be finalised

 .......  call Carmel 0876100771 -( 00353876100771 from North )  to find out more about this