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TBU _ Lismullin 


mao showing Lismullin in relation to the Hill of Tara ( Teamhair)

- the map also show Baronstown , Collierstown and Blundestown where the giant intersection is planned


" The Elusive Iron Age"



pasted up as a webpage

original pdf  http://www.m3motorway.ie/Publications/file,13922,en.pdf



Lismullin Institute is about half way between the hill of Tara and Rath Lugh/Lismullin Henge 

it is on the Navan Dunshaughlin road and the bus stop outside the gates is the bus stop for the Hill of Tara 


View picture Aerial View

Aerial View

  - looks to me like it is bult inside a ring fort


New Grange and Lismullin

Here in these pics Kyrie Murray, Tara's Bard demonstrates some models he made of Newgrange and of Lismullin Henge showing the astronomical allignments and the similarities between the two.

There will be Tara Protecters at the Hill Car Park every weekend ready to answer any questions so show your support :) You are also very welcome to visit the Tara Solidarity Vigil Camp at Belper Farm a ten minute walk away. Its the first farm on the right after Rath Maeve.

Newgrange model by Kyrie Murray
Newgrange model by Kyrie Murray

Sun shines in to Lismullin Henge
Sun shines in to Lismullin Henge

Lismullin Henge model close up
Lismullin Henge model close up




Visionary work from SacredIreland about the Henge at Lismullin and how it might be restored


Tara, the spiritual, archeological and mythical capital of Ireland.

Below is a view of the road scar covering Lismullin Henge, Rath Lugh and more.

Watch the fade in of Lismullin Henge and help us create the Park, first digitally and then in reality.

The seeds have been sown in the hearts of many people.  It's not too late to turn this road scar into a Park.

click on picture above for the Vision



The important thing is that people hold the vision of the Valley as a Park in their hearts wherever they are and that everyone continues to work for Tara in every way they can.




Photo Essay April 09

Lismullin Bridge as seen from Rath Lugh
Lismullin Bridge as seen from Rath Lugh


Lismullin Bridge to Rath Lugh- see Henge
Lismullin Bridge to Rath Lugh- see Henge

These photos taken recently during an inspection of the National Monument of Rath Lugh show that the Crib Wall has been planted with Pine and Beech trees and the Lismullin Bridge for farm access is complete and operational.

Incidentally in the second photo, which is the view from Lismullin Bridge, you can see the circular field on the right which is where the Henge is- the 2/3 that was not eaten up by the road take. This is where the Garden of Remembrance is hoped to be as proposed by Tara campaigners, plans of which can be viewed at www.sacredireland.org

Related Link: http://www.sacredireland.org





Videos Posted by: "Carmel Diviney" carmeldiviney@eircom.net   carmeldiviney

Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:12 am (PDT)

Two new videos from Madam K

Lismullin during excavations 2007

Lismullin Henge Reconstruction Imbolc 2010



one shows Lismullin Henge and some of the ancient structures before they were destroyed  ,
it is HERE

    the Henge itself is probably Iron Age  and the unusual ceremonial burial of the dog was probably associated with this stage -
     The souterrains are thought to be from the early Medieval  period
    built for storage and for hiding - from Viking raids ?
    so , from different stages of the long and complicated History of this area which is almost unique in the world for being significant in every age of History
    and an area which is a focus for Myth as well as being rich in physical archaeology and a possible place where the relationship between the two might become better understood
    and this of course is why it is so vandalistic to be destroying it but there it is


Anyway the video was filmed before the discovery of the Lismullin Stone 

this stone has megalithic carvings and had been split to be used as a capstone and then built into the souterrain

it was discovered  when the souterrain was was demolished last year
and it indicates of course that there is another Neolithic burial mound nearby - the other half of the stone has not yet been found


 more about Lismullin here
and about the Lismullin Stone , here



    the second video , HERE, shows people reconstructing the Henge at Imbolg this year at the side of the motorway and has an interview with Carmel and others - these people are BRILLIANT !












the Lismullin stone - more HERE


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