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Temporary Preservation Order on Rath Lugh


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The Royal Demesne of Tara

Over the past five years there has been considerable controversy regarding construction of the M3 Motorway through the Tara Valley, especially in light of the discoveries at Roestown and more recently Lismullin. While those finds are extremely significant, they pale in comparison to a more recent discovery at Tara.
Tara: Voices from Our Past
~ A short film by the award winning documentary filmmaker and musician, Mairéid Sullivan,
which is based on the recent paper by Sean Moriarty, shows that the complexity and importance of The Hill of Tara goes well beyond what we've known about the site
for the past few millennia.


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Tara: Voices from Our Past ~ a recent discovery



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discussion and challenges of this work





Environment Minister pressed on M3

Environment Minister John Gormley has been urged to take a leaf out of a Northern Ireland minister's book in the controversy over the M3 motorway through Tara.

The Green Party minister has said he cannot overturn his Fianna Fail predecessor Dick Roche's decision to allow the controversial project to go ahead.

However at the SDLP conference in Armagh, South Belfast MLA Carmel Hanna urged him to follow the example of Stormont Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie in facing down power sharing cabinet colleagues over a loyalist fund.







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Do you think the Hill of Tara should be added to Unesco's list of World Heritage Sites?

82% YES

18% NO






Knowth and Dowth

Calendars for the sun, moon and stars

The Boyne Valley passage mounds attract worldwide attention and undoubtedly deserve World Heritage Site status. Until now, the archaeologist's viewpoint has been dominant - that they are primarily burial mounds. Gillies Macbain argues that a wider perspective is needed, to include astronomy and other sciences. His astronomical and mathematical arguments presented here offer compelling evidence that these mounds were built to act as calanders based on the movements of the sun, moon and the star Venus.