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Tara/ Belfast  Update 01      
Hi there
gathering  re/ Tara  on the International Day of Protest against the Destruction at Tara - Tuesday Jan 8th
at the Giants Ring
organised ( slightly  ) by Ursula Burns , Stephanie Sim and myself
in Solidarity with Tara
and specifically with the Woodhenge at Lismullin which has been handed over to the road contractors at Christmas and which the bullzdozers are moving in on at the moment
 At the Giants Ring outside Belfast  - Shaws Bridges
11am for midday - 
Music - poetry - possibly cake
and some sort of a ceremony - which will happen at mid-day exactly
.....  it is Stephanie Sim's baby - Amarghin - first birthday
named after the First poet in Ireland - and whose name means " Birth of Song " 
or rather its  the day after his birthday  - so his age will be a Year and a Day
which is somehow a good sign  ; )
we want to draw attention to the similarities between the two places - to lend Tara our support at this time
and to hold the Spirit of Tara - of Music - Poetry - Imagination - Peace and of connection with the Land
into the Future to be passed on to the Children and be kept safe for and by them
Bring - rainwear and boots -dress up if you can - music if you can - a (short) poem if you like - maybe food to share - a candle in a jamjar to light
but basically yourself - children especially
Please network this - and perhaps people who cannot actually BE there on a Tuesday morning - will be there in Spirit
We are not sure yet exactly what or who will be there - but it will be a good place to be
for anyone who can
After that - at 1.30 pm -  some of us will go on to Stormont to ask Brian Wilson - the Green MLA to convey our feelings on this issue to his colleague in the South and stress the importance of Tara to not just Meath County Council - but to the whole of Ireland - these Islands - Europe and the whole World
 in the Past - in the Present - and hopefully in the Future
Obviously as many people as possible - banners if anyone has any suitable ones
and I think if you are driving to Stormont you may need some kind of ID to take a car in
otherwise it is walking up the driveway
more information about this
and links to more information about the many issues arising from this
and these are our Alternative proposals to the destructon
 - sorry this is short notice  but whatever you can do to help network
- any costumes - anybody you know who HAS costumes - or downright any other ideas  you can think of
please get in touch ASAP
; )
anybody needing a lift -gather at Common Grounds coffeebar, University Street  at 10.30 to the Giant's Ring and then hopefully there will be spaces in cars going to Stormont ~


Report from the day at the Giants Ring