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Tara/ Belfast  Update 02      

re Tara

a quick note  - hopefully to catch anyone thinking of going to st Georges market today - but reading their Emails first ...

 as there will be a bit of heads-together  thinking  - plus posters  at the Mullans Organoic Egg stall which is behind the band but has just moved a bit round to the side

at 2pm ish

plus a further meeting at 6.30 pm at the Jown Hewitt bar on Wednesday 6th - or
please get in touch with me

ASAP  - it WILL be good anyway ; )

how could a day out on a wet and windy North Coast ever not be ..?

but we need to have some idea of numbers of folks if we are to organise transport


something at the Giants Causeway on the 17th Feb

because of the Fionn mc Cumhail/ Finn Mac Cool connection with Tara

and the Gabhra valley which is being destroyed


also because of the Five Roads that apeared from Tara overnight at the birth of Conn

the Northern one goes to Dunseverick (Dún Sebuirge) castle - near the Causeway

which was once the capital of Dariada - so also I suppose this would have been the road to Iona and the Isles

so - where the Irish traditions and the Ulster Scotland connections meet and become the same thing as part of the old network of connections which we will be there to celebrate


WHAT will happen on the 17th ...umm... not sure - so far we have a minibus - various musicians - possibly Druids - depending on numbers we will get another bus

Ideas - thougts - transport - musicians - input of all kinds -etc very much wanted

and a papier mache Giant if anyone has one

some more details from


or anitagreg@gmail.com

but mostly it is what we can make of it - it will be good though ; )


ps/ Dún Sebuirge also comes into the Tain

it was where the Brown Bull was kept


 ps/ also - and of course there are many other ways to support the Campaign - more info from website above -



086 1537 146 - Rath Lugh Camp