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5 February 2008

‘New High Court Action to Protect Lismullin National Monument Being Launched Today’

A new High Court action, aimed at protecting the Lismullin national monument, which was discovered in the pathway of the M3 motorway last year, will be launched today.

The action is being taken by Mr. Gordon Lucas, a resident of Limerick, who is seeking to enforce EU environmental impact assessment directives and the European Convention on Human Rights. He is seeking an injunction, and a declaration that the National Monuments Act 2004 is in breach of EU law.

The case is being taken as a last resort, after the Irish Government has refused to concede to pressure and a legal action from the European Environment Commission to perform a new environmental impact assessment on the proposed demolition of the Lismullin national monument.

Lismullin was recently declared one of the Top Ten Most Important Archaeological Discoveries in 2007, by Archaeology magazine, published by the Archaeological Institute of America. http://www.archaeology.org/0801/topten

Expert evidence will also argue that Lismullin is a central part of the archaeological complex associated with the Hill of Tara, which was placed on the 2008 List of 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monuments Fund.

A new survey by Red C Research opinion poll has shown that

- When asked directly, almost two thirds (62%) of all Irish adults agree that the current format set down for the M3 is wrong, and that alternatives should be found to protect the heritage sites.

- over half (58%) support a proposed Heritage Park solution, while less than a third (31%) agree they would prefer to keep the M3 running through the valley as already agreed.

Vincent Salafia of TaraWatch said:

“This is a parallel case to the case being taken against Ireland by the European Commission, which states the Irish Government is in breach of EU law.
“Work should cease immediately within the Tara archaeological complex, until this matter is resolved for once and for all.

“It is ironic that the Irish Government is pushing its citizens to adopt the Lisbon Treaty, while they flatly refuse to obey current EU law with regards to protection of the environment and the national monument at Lismullin.

More information:

Archaeology Magazine – Top Ten Discoveries: http://www.archaeology.org/0801/topten  

World Monuments Fund – 2008 List of 100 Most Endangered Sites:

Red C Research – Tara/ Skryne Opinion Poll:


and the report on the henge is here  http://www.tarataratara.net/resources/Reports/NRA/Lismullin-report.htm


just a reminder about the Tara meeting tonight at the John Hewitt in Donegall St Belfast at 6.30pm  for anyone who can make it

as in Belfast we are organising a Tara Solidarity day at the North Coast , the Giants Causeway and Dunseverick/Dun Sohairce
which will be good
details so far http://www.tarataratara.net/Tara_Causeway.htm

 - but - it is not the main Tara campaign which - despite rumours - is NOT lost !  

 and in some ways is growing in strength as a new Legal Challenge was launched yesterday
from a Gordon Lucas to uphold the EU directive to Ireland to protect its own heritage
and to support measures to decrease rather than increase carbon emissions


we just have the results in from a RedC poll which gives 62% of people against the M3 in its present form

and support for the roadside protests at Soldier Hill from passing motorists continues  very strong
which is suprising as this is the road that the M3 is supposed to be relieving

it is truly an awful road and overloaded due to bad planning and the dereliction of the railway line which used to carry commuters when there were far less of them


At the camps on the Hill of Tara and at Rath Lugh  they are saying that Spring is in the Air and that hopes are up and morale is good

there is an appeal from Lou at the camp for drums - whistles and banner making equipment for these protests

and of course for people !
even if only for an hour

I ve posted some pictures and other links and contact details at


On the downside - work on the motorway is ahead of schedule - it has been divided into four sections and they are being got to race against each other and of course the more legal progress there is the more the bulldozers move in to destroy more so that there is less to save ( if only the railway could be built like that ! )

as happened notoriously at Baronstown in the path of the M3 when they moved in and destroyed the site in the night as it was to be declared a National Monument in the morning  -
the news somehow mysteriously leaked out of John Gormley's Office ....


One of the people who chained themselves to a tar-laying lorry this week and is now facing charges for Obstruction  is a Polish Archaeologist - Martin Swoboda -who was employed on this dig - throwing human bones into bags in the early months of 2007

he left in disgust at the standards of archaeology which went against all his training - and joined the protest

- Ive just realised that he has told some of the story on Indymedia


meeting at the John Hewitt tonight - 6.30 pm - but also and if you cant make it

if anyone sees why this is an important issue - with relevance to so many things  - please raise the issue of Tara - and ask for support from whatever circles you move in - write letters to papers etc

it is a completely peaceful protest - non-sectarian  - pagan - christian - national - international

and about respecting Sacred Places and cultural history worldwide

and promoting Sustainability and respect and care for the whole Earth  


I will be away from tommorow for a week  - but the main websites for the campaign are

and http://www.tarawatch.org

mine is http://www.tarataratara.net   and contact details for the Vigil etc are on that one

my mobile no is 07944969373

 hope to see some of you tonight at the John Hewitt


best regards



appeal from Rath Lugh for equipment

A chairde

If anyone can help us in the Rath Lugh Camp with this, it'd be really appreciated. We need whistles and drums. And materials for making  banners - sheets/canvas and paints. This is for our direct action both  digger diving on the sites, and off the sites doing roadside banner  demos daily . The drums and whistles would be brill at the Friday  demos (3pm, Soldier Hill, every Friday).

If anyone has anything suitable and live in the locality, I have a car  and can come and collect the materials. Or I can give directions to  the camp if anyone would like to visit us. The kettle is always on!

Last Saturday was the first Saturday construction work was carried out  in the valley. Both Vigil and Rath Lugh Camp members went onsite,  stopped all the work. We had banners and flags, and all the cars  driving down the N3 beeped the carhorns in support. Since that day,  Soldier's Hill has been covered in Tarmac. One protestor was  assuaulted twice, another 2 protesters were arrested when they locked  themselves to the tarmac machines.

However, the camp is now bigger and stronger than ever. New protesters  have arrived onsite, as well has the old heads from last Summer.  

Imbolg is here, and there is a definite change in the woods. So many  plants and trees are starting to bud, the daffodils and snowdrops can  now be seen. The days are getting longer which means we can do so so  much more with the daylight.

Rath Lugh welcomes all friends of Tara, as is our mantra, the kettle is  always on!

Go raibh mile maith agaibh

086 3600 478

086 1537 146 - Rath Lugh Camp