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Tara update 08


Tara Belfast Update 08             26/02/08


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Crisis at Rath Lugh  details  -  

 Calling All Warriors !!
A chairde,
Urgent call for support at Tara. Rath Lugh Resistance Camp and National Monument are in immediate danger. One protester was arrested today by gardai without hats , numbers or badges for trying to stop illegal destruction of Rath Lugh where they are trying to build the toll-road over one of the defence forts of the ancient city of Tara. It is less than 100 mtrs from the newly discovered Lismullen henge which was handed over to the construction companies SIAC/FERROVIAL b4 xmas. Another subterrain in Lismullen is also in danger since they cut the trees last week from the mound above the subterrain. this is 1 of a pos 6 subterrains in the vacinity of the henge and only the one rite next to the henge has been archaeologically investigated.
Your help is needed now.
Please pass this msg on.
contact: Vigil 086 175 8557
             Rath Lugh 086 153 7146



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Moon And Buzzard
by Jim Manley




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Binnion Lough
by Jim Manley

12" x 16"
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