words on Tara

Through the ages I have been

Your constant.

I am your stillness, your green scape and space

The heart of your Royal domain

Of kings and ardrithe, past.

Unspoiled, unadulterated, untouched

Until now,


Tranquillity, serenity and freedom

Essences absorbable and sustaining


Imprint my image on your soul.

Retain, recall,

Recall before my valley's face is scarred


Mirroring the drawing of the knife

So defacing, so delinquent, so denounced-

Knife-carrying knife-wielding blackguards tst... tst...-

My blood will not be red

But I will be screaming, feeling the pain


Shedding green tears tinged with gold

Soaking the brown earth

Death..... in the valley.

Epitaph: Shed your tears now

Our valley of the kings

Matters not.

Oh shame!

Our leaders wield....

The Aggressors Rule Again.


   aratmeop 2/08/07