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This isnt only about stopping the motorway - though that is the hope

it is about making a protest  at what is being done to Tara

 if Tara is not Sacred ..where IS ...?
if Tara is seen as a perfectly suitable place for a motorway interchange - where ISNT ....?

nation states of any kind are just a blip in time

   the megalithic heritage belongs to us all
        this planet  belongs to us all
            and this motorway through this valley is disrespectful and destructive of both

                               and that makes it our business  

xxx  marcella /|\

more details and links to follow soon ---

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Monday, 18 February 2008


18 February 2008   

click on picture for film

more from the Giants Ring , Belfast in January  

`SDLP Tables Save Tara Motion in Northern Ireland Assembly'

A Private Members Motion, opposing the "route of the M3 Motorway in the Boyne Valley, which will despoil the historic site of Tara" has been tabled in the Northern Ireland Assembly by the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)

Carmel Hanna, MLA, (SDLP-South Belfast), tabled the motion last week, and is awaiting a date for oral debate.

The full text of the Private Members Motion reads as follows: ~~~






we need to network - write letters etc in support of Carmel Hanna's Save Tara motion to the Assembly - see above ~


planning more events to support Tara - and to explore the links between Tara and places in the North ....

YOUR ideas wanted - there is a Tara meeting every week at St George's Market , Belfast  ...the farmers Market on Saturdays at 2pm - meet at  Mullins Organic Egg stall - then we go find a table at the side of the market where it is further from the Jazz band


or contact me - Anita Greg

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  Tara Petition  -   

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           PAST EVENTS -


Feb 17th 2008



Expedition to the places with connections to Tara 
in the North

The Finn Mac Cool / Fionn Mc Cumhail places

also the Royal Road from Tara to Dunseverick Castle ( Dun Sobhairce )


Oisins,s Grave  , Dunseverick castle ( Dun Sobhairce ) and the Giants Gauseway      MORE   


 Jan 8th   

Event at the Giants Ring -

what happened -  

details and pictures -  

radio -

about the Giants Ring and Tara




Oisin     in  Tir   na  nOg     by  Amie   Dooley      









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