A simple stroke of pen and ink by simple men who failed to think
(or thinking failed to pay due heed to consequence and future need)
has left in wake of smile and speech a lesson for our sons to teach
of how a leader must not be: all money-mad and moral-free.

For future generations cringe when thinking back upon this binge
of glutton-driven money greed so blind to children's children's needs.
And every passing douring day, another dreamer fades away
as poisoned progress has its way and businessmen decide our fates.

Well mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye whose pens have brought this fire!
Mór bhur nair! Mór bhur nair, ye who've sold the heart of Eire!
Mór bhur nair ye ministers: who've trampled and dishonored her!
Mór bhur nair ye businessmen: who sold her soul for silver yen!
Mór bhur nair ye Síocháin Gaurds: who've left for dead your sacred charge!
Mór ár nair we sleeping bards: who've withheld aoirs and blunted barbs!

Now’s no time for seeing-short, nor money-hoarding last-resorts.
These issues of both time and space: of traveling and fair Tara's face;
Have and can be swift resolved; this controversy can dissolve:
By listening to the people's pleas for future generations' needs.
Let conscience lead you, Leaders- Think! A simple stroke of pen and ink
Can open up the Iron Road to carry families safely home,
And save that now embattled place, preserving Tara's sacred space.

To do what's right is often hard, for moneyed men will scoff and barb,
But heroes never came to be by bowing down to money greed.
I beg you, take the rocky road: prove your souls are yet unsold.
Save your honor and your name; not for money, power or fame;
But simple love of doing right: to end a wasteful, foolish fight;
And be, in darkness, yet a Light.

Charles D. Burgess  

                             Tara  Nov 2007




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