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for information and News about the Campaign to Save Tara -please visit the sites listed on the Links page - this site is  for miscellaneous Tara things ~
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   TARA  Support - NORTH

This isnt only about stopping the motorway - though that is the hope

it is about making a protest  at what is being done to Tara

 if Tara is not Sacred ..where IS ...?
if Tara is seen as a perfectly suitable place for a motorway interchange - where ISNT ....?

whatever your view of the border
nation states of any kind are just a blip in time

   the megalithic heritage belongs to us all
        this planet  belongs to us all
            and this motorway through this valley is disrespectful and destructive of both

                               and that makes it our business  

xxx  marcella /|\

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 Upcoming Events   

Tara Support meeting every Wednesday 6.30 pm in the John Hewitt bar , Donegall St , Belfast 


Tara Day - the 17th Feb - going to the Giants Causeway and Dunseveric / Dun Sebhairce  Castle
.........  details being aranged at above meetings in the John Hewitt -



  Tara - Causeway poster - 

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  Tara - Causeway poster - 

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 Feb 17th 2008    




Five roads


The Annals of the Four Masters says that five roads to Tara, which had never been seen before were discovered on the night of Conn's birth.[1]





On 17th of Feb - walking from the Giants Causeway to  Dunseverick castle

Music - Poetry - songs - theatre - constumes and probably some running around energeticly to get unfrozen

possibly drums - druids - a ceremony and lighting a beacon


it will be good - how could a day out at the wet and windy North Coast not be ...?

but how much impact it makes for the Tara campaign - depends on peoples input and help with planning - publicity and PR




Bronagh 07999702557
Colette 07971840079






we will  be registering our dismay at the destructiuon occuring at Tara
and celebrating the shared traditions of Fionn Mac Cumhail/Finn mc Cool from Tara and the Gabhra Valley - all over Ireland - up the Antrim Coast to Ossians Grave at Cushendall - to the Causeway and over to the Isle of Mann and to Fingal's Cave in Scotland


also the Royal Road from Tara to Dun Sobhairce ( Dunseverick )    - and from there to Iona    MORE DETAILS of History

details of how we will get there and what will happen 
are being worked out  ...... your input ideas and networking is very much wanted in the planning -

Please get in touch as soon as possible

and  we need to have some idea of numbers so as to know what transport we need

for more details/discussion
there is a proboard at http://tarabelfast.proboards98.com/

- which nobody ever uses - but we could ; )

otherwise please contact

or ring 02890802842
or 07944969373 





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From A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland by P. W. Joyce

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SECTION 1. Roads, Bridges and Causeways.

Letter R

The five main roads leading from Tara are mentioned in our oldest authorities, as, for instance, in the story of Bruden Da Derga in the Book of the Dun Cow. They were all called slige.

1. Slige Asail [slee-assil] ran from Tara due west towards Lough Owel in Westmeath, and thence probably in a north-westerly direction.

2. Slige Midluachra [meelooghra] extended northwards towards Slane on the Boyne, through the Moyry Pass north of Dundalk, and round the base of Slieve Fuaid, near the present Newtown-Hamilton in Armagh, to the palace of Emain, and on to Dunseverick on the north coast of Antrim: portions of the present northern highway run along its site .

8. Slige Cualann ran south-east through Dublin, across the Liffey by the hurdle-bridge that gave the city the ancient name of Baile-atha-cliath (the town of the hurdle-ford: now pron. Blaa-clee): crossed the Dodder near Donnybrook: then southwards still through the old district of Cualann, which it first entered a little north of Dublin, and from which it took its name (the slige or road of Cualann), and on by Bray, keeping generally near the coast. Fifty years ago a part of this road was plainly traceable between Dublin and Bray.

4. Slige Dala, the south-western road, running from Tara towards and through Ossory in the present Co. Kilkenny. This old name is still applied to the road from Kells to Carrick-on-Suir by Windgap.

5. Slige Mór ('great highway') led south-west from Tara till it joined the Esker-Riada* near Clonard, along which it mostly continued till it reached Galway. Portions of this road along the old Esker which raised it high and dry over the bogs are still in use, being traversed by the present main highway.

Besides these five great highways, which are con-constantly referred to, the Annals and other old documents notice numerous individual roads. In the Four Masters we find thirty-seven ancient roads mentioned with the general name bealach [ballagh], nearly all with descriptive epithets, like Ballaghmoon near Carlow.

In old times the roads seem to have been very well looked after: and the regulations for making and cleaning them, and keeping them in repair, are set forth with much detail in the Brehon Laws.














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