For Tara

I don't know who put it here
I really don't
It's just that
Whoever did it must have really meant it

They chose this place with care
Aligned it with the sun, moon and stars
Cared for it for longer than we can comprehend
Loved it

We're running riot over the land
and now we're right here.
Here at this place, somebody worshipped
Somebody looked up and pondered, wondered
Why are we here?
What is our destiny?
And we're right here now

Not wondering, oh no
Building a road.
Proud roadbuilders who really mean it too
Pushing earth aside, speeding along
Always looking ahead
Paving over brave little farms

Someone here will sigh and see
The copse where they kissed their first sweetheart
Go under the blacktop
The field where they galloped and fell,
Then crying, now laughing
Vanish in a storm of engines and invisible fumes
The house where they were born
Condemned to a sad, slow death of noise and harsh lights

People will charge along this road
Always looking forward, forward
Faster! Faster!
Why? They'll get to their funerals on time, I'm sure
Can't they look behind now and then?
We have memories and cars have mirrors
Look in your mirror, Mr Car Man
Maybe you'll see what's coming
Check your blind spots
There's a surprise there

And now we're here
Trying to stop the traffic
I don't know why they put it here
But they really meant it
They were our mothers and fathers
They loved this place, whatever it was to them
I don't know

Would you want your dear old Mum
To live in a cardboard box by a dirty road?
Will you hear her stories
To the noise of engines?
Will you see her smile
Under these harsh, hard lights?

I love the children of tomorrow
The world is theirs
As I stand here
I don't know why
My feet feel like roots
My head sprouts branches
The earth and sky speak

Our parents built this place
They loved it more than we can know
Don't leave them standing, forgotten, by the side of a road
There's a child on the road ahead
If you can't jam your foot on the brake
Then I will .


Richard Chisnall, copyright under
Creative Commons: