Sun and Moon salute
In a wall of light.

 Moon rises
And Sun descends over monsterous rocks.
Old stones
Ancient cousins of Meabh and Tara,
Breathe history
Time cradled in their smooth craters
Spread with blood-red and gold

In the tangle of quiet lanes
Birds twittered.
On Epipheny Hill
Cows watched and
Lambs stumbled
While everything else glowed
In early-evening agreement.


Beyond the horizon, great majestic openness
Reaches the sea
Blue-grey, sweeping over rocky fingers
And Swathes of pale sand.
Caves bellow.

Above crumbling castles
Crows and gulls spin
Humourous sky-lace
While tiny glass orchids bow
To the gentle lunar wind.

 Down on the road, a buzzing of spirits.
The tower with its jinx,
The Watchful Sparrow
And The first blackthorn blossom of spring.


Lizzy Doe  2007