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Breaking News. More Significant Findings at Tara

category national | history and heritage| news report author Dé Sathairn Mí na Nollag 01, 2007 18:09author by anon Report this post to the editors

Govt fails to protects our heritage at Tara again

Yet another find over the past few days of Neolitihic underground chambers has been made at Tara and which have been kept from public knowledge by the Government and the road contractors. For more details see the brief report below.

A team of activists over the past few days have uncovered the remains of 6 chambers at the souterrain (underground pit) beside the Lismullen Henge, but due now only 2 to 3 chambers remain.

In one of the chambers, there is still a good bit of the passage which is quite long and zigzags connecting the chambers. The flagstone is Neolithic and may have been recycled from the souterrain which are often lined with such flagstones. There is also rock art and it has two interconnected circles and above a line of zigzags. This is similar to the types of designs one would see in NewGrange. All of this raises the very strong possibility that the whole area is very significant and has other findings yet to be demolished for the sake of the motorway.

Mechanical diggers are working on this site for the next few weeks. This is how the government now looks upon our great heritage.

















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