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Gathering for the Meath Master plan


Press release - HERE


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 a completely magical day - we all brought any banners we had - Ciaran had brought flags for all the counties in Ireland so that although there wasn't a huge crowd - it stil looked great !

the speeches were all excellent -

hopefuly we will have the texts soon - and I will link this page to them

Tadhg and Brian both spoke about the Meath Master Plan

Peadar Toibin ( Meath Councillor SF ) spoke about the Economics of the M3 and how the Economic and Environmental situation had changed dramatically since the original decision was taken to build a motorway to carry commuter traffic into Dublin

Phillip Cantwell ( Meath Councillor - independent  )spoke about the history of very strange Planning Decisions in Meath

and Squeek about the way that all Archaeology in the Republic of Ireland is now directly or idirectly under the control of the NRA - the National ROADS Authority

  ... not the usual kind of Thanking Everybody speeches , these were all very interesting and very worth reading -


here are some pictures of the march - but I was holding a banner and pushing a trolley so some of them came out weird  -


Slideshow of  all pictures - HERE


the march goes down O'Connell St to the bridge

  statue of Daniel O'Conell and the GPO to the right



outside the Dail



Tadgh Crowley spoke - then BrianGuckian  , Cllr Peadar Toibin , Cllr Philip Cantwell - then Squeek ( Lisa Feeney )




mysteriously - The King of the Fairies appears



and just as mysteriously - two young lads and a photographer



Laoise Kelly with other harpists and musicians - at the gates of Dail Eirreann



the music they play sounds as if it is from another world -



and soon people are dancing in the street




Tadgh and Brian pose for photos with details of the Meath Master Plan



Squeek doing something strange




...it was another magical Tara day ; )

  ..... texts of speeches if/when I get them .....

the Meath Master Plan - an Alternative Vision as devised by Independant traffic researchers
Brian Guckian  087 9140105   railprojects@eircom.net
Tadhg Crowley 085 7159013 tadhgcrowley@gmail.com               

Meath on Track

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