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there are two protest camps at Tara  -
~~~ the Vigil camp on the Hill of Tara -  with the perpetual flame in the tepee - can  found by turning right at the gate onto the hill and following the road around for about a hundred yards until you see tents on the left and a gap in the hedge

~~~ and the Activists camp in the woods around  Rath Lugh - set up to watch over the wood henge at Lismullin and prevent it being destroyed in the night as happened at Baronstown  

" To get to Rath Lugh, take the N3 out of Dublin. Go past the turning
for Tara. Turn right opposite the 'Tara na Ri' pub. Take the next
right , signposted to Skreen. Go straight on at the next crossroads
and after about 1/4 mile, pull over at lay by on the Right. Go
straight up into the woods to reach the camp.(You will need a torch
if arriving at night)

Further details contact:086 3600478, 086 3107952, 086 7372983.

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The white line marks the planned M3 tolled motorway route the green the existing N3 with the text labels marking points of interest with clickable photos. The yellow lines show the extent of Tara complex. The purple line is the old railway/alternative route.


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Multiple Googlemaps of Tara and the M3 Motorway

source- http://dublinstreams.blogspot.com/



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map of railways in Ireland - showing position of Tara and no railways whatever in  Meath



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