I am not in Kells,

But await, just left, on the road to Trim.

Set fire on my chariot,

In Summer I shine, In winter I fall,

Thirteenth Rays,

I am true light my eyes they see all,

In Tara we build, The new road of Our Faith?

But tis it a destiny to lead to Hells fate?

St Patrick, once stood there, On ground, oh so high,

Have you got the key? Heavens gate it's nearby,

Where the (II) Rivers meet.

Joint together, you and I,

For Peters, for vision, will see death pass us by.

If mysteries are wonderous,

Let this one come true,

Our faith, be restored,

Follow this Wheel (II),

for it is but my eye,

it spins on my travels,

hath stopped!

So prosper with Joyous hope

In the valley, here am I,

St Patrick , I rid evil,

Peters Rock lay near by.

Beginth with endth A Solstice,

at my Throne, now hath he kneel.

Its my son, bequest I?

I pledge thee Oh wise ones,

Leave Tara of Stone,

For it still is the seat,

Of Merkabas Great Throne.

Our past forms our future,

Destroy it, we dare,

The visions revisit,

(iii) fold they will fare.

In Jubilous Joy, may you reflect in the light,

For the Mystery of pastures,

In Royal County lay my plight.

With (v) as the number, (iv) winds, they will blow,

But my light shall shine on,

my Throne I bethrow.

In Malachy he sees us,

In revelations he pertains,

All Gods give one life,

In thine own faith is it gained.

So join the great Emerald, In war may he shine,

leave peaceful souls to rest,


mind will be purified,

Then Tara shall be blessed.

If Pope be of heritage, and Peace be his proclaim,

The path starts at Tara,

My victory in this :

The faith he hath gain,

In prophets lights are near us, O wisdom or disdain.

If thrice you did deny me,

The first wind is now blowth,

take one more chance at peace,

for now you have (iii) but to get back to,

Ill begotten, Peters Pence is earned.

In Victory we surface,

A new era thus lies hence.

In mystery may you find me of the (iv) in me immence.

A (v) is on horizon, oh begin my Jubilee!

Oh Crowned King be seated, In me mystify.

As (vi) is now (vii) the truth is now nigh.


 Campaign to Save Tara - Oct 2007

(A poem that came to the website. Author wishes to remain