appeal from Rath Lugh


A chairde

If anyone can help us in the Rath Lugh Camp with this, it'd be really
appreciated. We need whistles and drums. And materials for making
banners - sheets/canvas and paints. This is for our direct action both
digger diving on the sites, and off the sites doing roadside banner
demos daily . The drums and whistles would be brill at the Friday
demos (3pm, Soldier Hill, every Friday).

If anyone has anything suitable and live in the locality, I have a car
and can come and collect the materials. Or I can give directions to
the camp if anyone would like to visit us. The kettle is always on!

Last Saturday was the first Saturday construction work was carried out
in the valley. Both Vigil and Rath Lugh Camp members went onsite,
stopped all the work. We had banners and flags, and all the cars
driving down the N3 beeped the carhorns in support. Since that day,
Soldier's Hill has been covered in Tarmac. One protestor was
assuaulted twice, another 2 protesters were arrested when they locked
themselves to the tarmac machines.

However, the camp is now bigger and stronger than ever. New protesters
have arrived onsite, as well has the old heads from last Summer.
Imbolg is here, and there is a definite change in the woods. So many
plants and trees are starting to bud, the daffodils and snowdrops can
now be seen. The days are getting longer which means we can do so so
much more with the daylight.

Rath Lugh welcomes all friends of Tara, as is our mantra, the kettle is
always on!

Go raibh mile maith agaibh
086 3600 478
086 1537 146 - Rath Lugh Camp Phone



Cabinet Approval sought for
Sustainable Development Plan for Meath

An advanced development plan that solves the current legal, environmental and heritage issues around the controversial M3 motorway, and which also provides a wider model for sustainable economic, heritage and tourism development in Meath.

The innovative plan, which has been briefed to the public, facilitates the designation of the region as a UNESCO World Heritage site, resulting in the preservation, protection and sustainable management of the archaeology in the valley while bringing a potential increase of 75 million in tourism revenue per annum. Development in the designated region would be eco-designed and promoted on a small scale, in line with recent guarantees by the Minister for the Environment to protect the unique character of the area.