Archive of Letters

but please note - ALL newspaper articles and letters to the papers on the subject of the threat to Tara are archived on the CST website -    these are just a few recent ones that I liked  ; )

      - feel free to suggest any others

head 2 head


responses to a TV debate asking the question " should the M3 be rerouted ? "

        many interesting letters


Meath Chronicle

  A Councillor in Navan complains about the Vigil -

some illuminating background and great responses



old letter from Thomas Davis - 1844- about the prospect of a road through Newgrange ....


  letter from Kathy Sinott MEP to John Gormley


letter from Philip Cantwell -  Independent Councilor -Meath

  letter-the Eleventh Hour

Guardian letter - Julitta Clancy

original article

Julitta's response

Political blog

Martin Hogan  - being what the Greens thought before they thought it was more important to be in the Government

various correspondence with the Green Party

the Meath Master Plan march to Dail Eireann - May 2008

text of Tadhg's speech - HERE

text of Sqeek's speech - HERE

  Pauline Bleach re/ the referendum




and it IS worth writing letters to the newspapers -

Even if the letter is not published it will count as it shows there is public interest in the subject and this will influence the Editor in what stories the paper will run - or possibly , anyway


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