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Tara Light Shield

Celebrating Samhain, the Celtic New Year 31st October 2007


Mission Statement

A group of Irish artists have proposed to create a lighting installation, using high-powered light beams, above the Hill of Tara, entitled ‘Tara Light’, which will:

Create a dramatic and visually captivating shield of light, as well as a dynamic visual media image, for print and broadcast around the world.

Create awareness of the extent of the Tara complex and clearly show how the M3 motorway runs right though the heart of the complex, a fragile, yet powerful world monument.

Reinforce this image and give further focus to the Tara complex, we plan to co-host a live Radio Debate, which will be backed up with live studio music in order to inform and educate a wider audience.

The night that this will happen on is Samhain (pronounced ’sow win’) the Celtic New Year, (Halloween), and this will highlight how Tara, the heart of the Celtic world, is under threat by industrial development.

Campaign Context

The M3 motorway was approved in 2003, which is routed between the Hill of Tara and the Hill of Skryne, in County Meath (north of Dublin) and crosses the existing N3 to run along the northern slope of the Hill. It also passes through the complex of archaeological sites associated with the Hill of Tara, which were placed on the World Monuments Fund, List of 100 Most Endangered Sites, in June 2007.

In October, the European Commission initiated legal proceedings against Ireland in the European Court of Justice (ECJ), for approving the demolition of a newly discovered national monument in Lismullin, without performing an Environmental Impact Assessment. However, excavation and controlled demolition of the Lismullin national monument is proceeding. It is hoped that this lighting spectacle will reinforce the campaign to halt the works, until the European Court of Justice has come to a decision on the legality of the works.

This illumination will hopefully focus on the fragile nature of this entire complex and thus help the European Court of Justice (ECJ) come to a favorable conclusion, which will result in the re-routing of this section of the M3.

Sequence of illuminations

The idea is to use high-powered 7,000 watt spot-lights, similar to those used at the World Trade Centre memorial, to create a light shield over the Tara Complex at the climax of the event.

The shield will consist of five beams. Four beams will be located to the south, east, north and west of Tara, at historical defensive sites to Tara, which define the extent of the Tara complex; the Hill of Skryne, Rath Miles (Blundelstown); Ringlestown Rath and Rath Maeve.

Position 1: The light movement will commence with the four lights aimed away from the complex

Position 2: The four outer lights will slowly move upright just after dusk.

Position 3: A fifth light will be placed on top of the Hill of Tara and point straight up into the sky, and the four outer lights will converge through it at the climax of the light movement, approximately 500 meters above the summit.

The five lights will create a shield roughly 3 km in diameter that will be visible over a great distance.



We understand that many groups and individuals will be celebrating Samhain. We believe that this event will enhance the occasion and other celebrations on the night. This illumination is to communicate a direct image of Tara to the whole of Ireland and international observers alike.

The design has taken into account local concerns, the greater Meath area, sacred alignments to the site and the astrological importance of the day. The illumination must be presented on this night in order to maximize media attention.

The goal is to have the lights on for only a brief period in order to highlight the evening’s importance and to have minimal impact on ground level activities. The requisite permissions, permits and insurance are being in put in place. We would be grateful for all forms of assistance in achieving this aim.We are flexible and sensitive in our requirements and do not want to dominate, but only want to galvanize the movement to stop the destruction of this area and preserve it for future generations.

The Financial Commitment

The light beams and subsequent logistical resources are quite expensive and will cost a total of 15,000 Euro (to be confirmed). They are of the most powerful lighting beams in the world and relatively speaking for the huge impact they will present, the cost is small. As of the 19-10-2007 €3,000 has been raised.

The pledges
Due to time constraints we need the finance in place immediately in order to proceed.

To donate contact: Emily Email: taralight2007pledge@gmail.com

Tel: International ++353 87 900 8025
National 087 900 8025

Best wishes,

The TaraWatch crew and Friends
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re/ Light Show

                   - answers to various questions arising


Thursday, October 18, 2007 8:04 PM


1) the four lights will not light up the ground area but will in fact be straight beams of light reaching into the sky merging at between 50 and 60 degrees, creating an image that can be broadcast across the world.
2) they will harmonize the bonfire idea and will even heighten that awareness.
3) it will be a beautiful still image and will not interfere with any events on the ground and in fact will be a fantastic and far reaching combination.
4) the concert is actually planned to be in a radio station in Dublin and people will listen in on the radio if they wish. There will be no concert noise anywhere in Meath.
                                                     * Northern Light
          Western Light *  --------------------------------------- * Easternlight
            Tara (car park)                    I                         Skryne
                                                     * Southern Light
From high above the sky it will look like a Celtic cross made of white light. From ground it will look like four beams merging high into the night sky.
I understand that they will use some resources to run the lights but the ratio of the resources to the actual impact and effect is minimal and well worth it. Each of the 4 lights would be less energy used than the average car driving up to the event.
We can look at how to coordinate the lighting event with the other events there for maximum harmony and effect. I have spoken with people from all realms of humanity from Shamanism to Journalism , From Astrologers to Engineers, From Celtic mystics to Film makers , all of whom have a deep love and respect for Tara and all of whom see , feel and think that this is a great way to make awareness of the Tara issue and an appropriate step towards actually saving the valley.
Best wishes



Sun Oct 21, 2007

I would say that the combination of lighting and smoke from the bonfires could work really well together...

Also we have to remember that these are focused beams that are pointing upwards and do not give the effect of flood lights instead it is a straight beam of light..
There will also be very little movement in the lights...
In addition phase one of the lighting event where the lights point out across the country and slowly move into the centre could be seen as an invitation to people to join the events on the ground , when the beams converge above the sky that could make a beautiful pictorial image the combination of the light in the sky and the fires on the ground with stars visible between the clouds could actually look quite amazing... a gracious , majestic , magical occasion... Alternatively the lights could start to move into position at sunset and hold their many configuration for a few hours say until 9.30 long enough for people around the country to get a glimpse and to make the news then they can switch off and leave the peace of the fire light to the night sky... there are many options... the most important thing is to have total respect for Tara and to Save the Tara area... It is also very important that the fires are done in such a way that they don't scorch the sacred earth...
We can also adjust other parameters to create more harmony between events such as the time the lights go on and off and the positioning of the beams. Remember this is everyone's event..
The best way of handling this is in a completely non-confrontational communication. We need to really respect each other let each other say there piece and listen.
If we work together in such harmony then we can really get results. The most important thing is that we focus together on the mission to save Tara with what ever peaceful and powerful means we have and can create !
Phil :o) 




Sun Oct 21, 2007

A significant financial pledge has just come in with the with the following request for clarification, with which i am in total agreement

 that all the lighting beams will be put on land which has permission i.e. no trespassing - the energy does not want to be linked to any discord - and also that the strong electrical light which will shine into the night sky will have no distortion on the subtle energetic field that surrounds Tara
The first point it is covered by the permissions from Meath County Council
Point 2 is a delicate one and is a very important, we need this to be a clean event and the lights have to shine in love balance and harmony. We also need to make sure that this event does not dominate any of the other events and that they all work together in harmony. Good communication is very important.
With point 3 I think if the lights are close proximity and not directly on any sacred points with the right intention then i don't see any problem here. The actual lighting technology uses Xenon gas I believe and that is pure inert gas , which means it doesn't mix with other elements. So it is a clean earth material and exists naturally in our atmosphere and our universe.
in Addition I also suggest that with the fund raising people have an option of what they wish to do with any funds that are left over after the project. For example:
I pledge ____ Euro for the Tara Light project (with a brief explanation)
Funds that are left in access of the costs of paying for the lighting crew and the lighting transport and equipment as percentage of my donation to the total will be
a Returned to me
b Donated to Campaign to Save Tara
c Donated to Tara Watch
d Donated to Tara Pixie
e Other please specify ________________
After the event all of the donations will be published unless you wish to remain anonymous and all costs and expenditures and accounts will also be published.
Best wishes to everyone ! xxx