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sacred fire on the Hill of tara     




the Vigil

A fire was lit 2 years ago at the Summer Solstice and has been tended ever since .

The Vigil has now moved off the Hill and is behind Rath Maeve, by agreement with the  farmer                                     


The Vigil Website has not been updated recently - hopefully soon will be -- but the Vigil people ARE most definitely still there ...   

But they desperately need more people as those there are strong and determined  and wonderful people - but at the edge of exhaustion -

also food , firewood , cameras , simcards , rechargable batteries , waterproofs , wellingtons , tarpaulins ,  clean dry socks , phone credits , money for petrol  etc etc

                                 But it is a wonderful , magical and inspiring place to be

The Vigil phone number -   086-1758557

  - which is 0035386-1758557 from outside the Republic of Ireland        
             or ring  Lou ; 0863600478

 and if possible ring before going down to see if there is anything they specifically need  -

Details for Vigil Support - HERE

Tara Solidarity Vigil

We are a non-hierarchical peoples' solidarity vigil, here in support of local people and all individuals and groups in the campaigns to Save Tara. We are adamant in our non-affiliation with any particular political or religious parties but welcome any friends of Tara to the sacred Vigil Fire, which has been burning continuously since the Summer Solstice, 21st of June 2006.

  click for more information about the Vigil and How to Get There









By Public transport

From Dublin - go to the Busaras station ( the main bus station , near to the Customs House , Connolly station etc )

  Get a bus to either Kells or Navan and ask to be set off at Tara Cross .

  There is nothing much but a bus stop at Tara Cross - walk on a bit in the direction the bus was going and there will be a small sign on the left to Tara ( Teamhair )

    Walk up that road - it is about 3/4 mile and uphill but there are no turnoffs so you cant get lost .

   You will see the Entrance to the Tara site - a Gift shop - a church - a statue of St Patrick and a small car park.

   this is the Hill of Tara
...for the new Vigil site , see map above

The Vigil phone number -   086-1758557

  - which is 0035386-1758557 from outside the Republic of Ireland     

If sending anything by post the contact details are

Campaign To Save Tara
Co Meath

To make a donation:

Allied Irish Bank
Navan Branch
Sort Code 93-21-83
Account No: 43326084


By Car

Tara is up a turn-off to the west of  the N3 between Navan and Dublin

...or ...it is roughly where the compass is on the map below ...

Rath Lugh ; Fianna nua camp, 0861537146
   -  00353861537146 from outside Republic of Ireland

click HERE for further maps of to get to the Vigil
click HERE for more details of how to support the Vigil



There will be food there - but there is no telling what it will be - though it will probably be pasta .

 You wont starve - but please feel free to bring any food you can get ahold of along the way . Especially fruit - chocolate -cheese -etc etc etc also any firewood you can get your hands on

No drugs , no alcohol , no violence , racism , sexism , sectarianism or any of that old stuff  but bringing waterproof clothes - wellingtons ; a sleeping bag and a tent would be a very good idea  - a musical instrument if you can play at all - but even if you just bring yourself - you will be more than welcome

  - Hope to see you there !




   some photos  from the Vigil-

many photos and videos at the TaraPixie site




Activists Blog










the Vigil site is more or less at the top left hand corner of the above map - the gap in the hedge is by the D in Deisiol Teamhrach

bog-oak sculpture by David Patton








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