Megalithic art stone found during M3 works

Irish Times
3 December 2007

A decorated stone bearing megalithic art similar to that at Newgrangeand Knowth has been found incorporated into part of an early historicsouterrain being dismantled as part of the M3 archaeological works inthe vicinity of the henge at Lismullin, in the Gabhra Valley, Co Meath.
The nearest example of megalithic art is to be found in the passage tomb of the Mound of the Hostages on the summit of the Hill of Tara, which bears a similarity to that found in this monument.
The decorated stone was noticed on Friday last by campaigners who oppose the building of a motorway near Tara.

The art, which possibly dates to around 3,000BC, exhibits a series of motifs commonly found in passage tomb contexts - concentric circles,nested arcs and zig-zags and is similar to a stone removed from a nearly passage tomb centuries ago.

The excavation of the henge and the souterrain continues and will probably be completed before Christmas. This will allow the National Roads Authority to begin the construction phase of the motorway.



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