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As from the great heart and centre of the Irish Kingdom, five great arteries or roads radiated from Tara to the various parts of the country the Slighe Cualann, which ran toward the present County Wicklow, the Slighe Mor, the great Western road, which ran via Dublin to Galway, the Slight Asail which ran near the present Mullingar, the Slighe Dala which ran southwest, and the Slighe Midluachra, the Northern road. "Great, noble and beautiful truly was our Tara of the Kings."



Airne Fíngein
"Fíngen's Nightwatch"

While atop Druim Fíngein one Samain Eve, Fíngen mac Luchta receives a visit from Rothníam, an otherworld woman who is accustomed to visit him every year at that time to tell him of all the wonders that take place in Ireland and the otherworld.  On this night, she tells him that she has fifty wonders (buada) to relate, though she mentions only twelve or so in the course of the tale.  [The numbers in the list below refer to the paragraph numbers in Vendryes' edition.]

(1) Conn is born tonight, she says, to Feidlimid mac Tuathail Techtmair, the king of Ireland.  Conn will rule all Ireland and he will be the progenitor of a long line of kings.



(6) The five principal roads of Ireland are discovered tonight--the Slige Midluachra, Slige Cúaland, the Slige Asail, the Slige Tola, and the Slige Mór.




Conn of the Hundred Battles

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Conn Cétchathach ("of the Hundred Battles"), son of Fedlimid Rechtmar, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland, and the ancestor of the Connachta, and, through his descendant Niall Noígiallach, the Uí Néill dynasties.

The Annals of the Four Masters says that five roads to Tara, which had never been seen before were discovered on the night of Conn's birth.[1]