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further Tara update 06

The picket of the First Green Party All-Ireland Conference at the Wellington Park Hotel was a Great Sucess !
 - provisionally - in case any of the photos turn out to be really embarassing
there ended up being only two of us which was hardly impressive but in some ways worked quite well
as I sat outside swathed in banners and getting myself photographed and interviewed

And Jane inside the building talking mainly about squirrels I think


Some of the Greens were obviously not wildly pleased at the attention we were getting at their first Thing

but at least some of them put a brave face and said it was a sign of their Coming of Age as a Party to have Protestors of their own

they were very nice about it

and in the end a lot of them were taking leaflets and agreeing that Tara  was of Central Importance after all


Jane asked the Minister as he got out of the car if he would make the Temporary Protecton Order on Rath Lugh into a Permanent one


and I think he said " yes "

And I think he repeated it later inside the hall in front of sixty people

Save Tara Campaigners picket the Green party Conference , Belfast
but neither of us were there - Jane had gone off to the Diversity march and I was too tired and dead with flu to move off the front  step
of course how important this Permanent Order is depends on how Rath Lugh is defined ..  but its certainly good rather than bad ; )



Next Thing
The trip to the Causeway and Dunseverick /Dun Sobhairce to explore the energy lines and connections  with Tara and across the water  - Tommorow - Sunday
sorry - there probably WONT be a minibus - unless ten people sign up for DEFinite before 10 am
there will be people going - but will probably pile into one car
and reconnoitre the area of the North Coast
If anyone can get there please join us  - it will be good ; ) 
 but what with one thing and another - I havent done the bus thing properly with deposits and phone numbers etc
and my nerves wont take getting Eddie out and just seeing how many turn up 8-|
huge apologies to the people who said they certainly wanted to go but who I didnt take phone numbers off -  
Im a rubbish organiser and would rather make banners and cant do both - so hope someone else will do it next time
but I have a feeling there WILL be a Next Time  - this isnt any more about only stopping the M3
there is more things happening
sometimes it feels like something good and creative and anarchic is being woken up from Tara that wont go back in the box right away - and everyone who gets caught up with it gets somehow shiny
tho perhaps Im just tired and raving 8)
                    -     sorry if these updates are too frequent and too like spam
the usual - - -
If you want off the list just email me-  and Ill take you off it
else - if you know anyone who would be interested - please Pass it On and Spread the Tara Word
despite Optimism - it is Very urgent .... and work on the M3 steams ahead - tho of course the railway doesnt
best regards
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Moon And Buzzard
by Jim Manley