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Tara/ Belfast  Update 05
first thing
there will be an All -Ireland Green Party conference on Saturday - tommorow
 at the Wellington Park Hotel , Belfast
I think we have to picket that - Silently or whatever -but we have to be there
 it is difficult as I am sure that we all support green policies
and wish any party that promotes them well
 but John Gormley IS the Minister in charge of protecting Environment and Heritage in the South
- which - in the case of Tara and the Gabhra Valley - he is not doing
and if this is an All Ireland conference - then this is our business too - and we CANT let this go without drawing attention to it
this is link to the article about the woodhenge at Lismullin - by the Government  archaeologist even !

The Elusive Iron Age:

a rare and exciting site type is uncovered at Lismullin, Co. Meath


declared a National Monument


declared one of the 10 most important archaeological discoveries worldwide


and - currently being bulldozed



 - and however much it  " isnt his fault " - " out of his hands " - part of a deal to get into "power" etc  - he is STILL the Minister in charge of Heritage
and the woodhenge at Lismullin - described above - IS being destroyed at the moment
This valley - so rich in both Myth and History from EVERY age - famous over the world but not even officially a World Heritage Site
...why ......why .......why .......NOT ?
So much yet to be learned from it - and so beautiful - peaceful and quiet
destroyed to go under a motorway to carry traffic into an already traffic-choked city
 - planning increasing car-dependency
And there the railway is STILL lying derelict
Tara is not just ONE issue that can be set aside and traded off - for a new design of lightbulb or something
 - Tara is centrally  relevant to ALL " green " issues
          ...  the Past - the Present and the Future
and what is gone is destroyed forever ...and what is going , WILL be gone
so - we will picket the Green Party Conference at the Wellington Park Hotel tommorow - please join us if you can
especially for when they go in - at 9 am
and when they go and come back after lunch - from 1 pm perhaps -
second thing
 the Day of Solidarity at the Causeway and at Dun Sobhairce / Dunseverick
is not postponed - but slightly
Janet O' Hagan who many of us will know - or know of - will do a ceremony to open up the old Spirit Paths
to Tara in one direction - and to Iona and the Isles in the other
just sure she is the right person to do this
but she isnt free until the Ist March - my fault for not planning but there it is - 
so there will still be a minibus going up to the Coast - leaving at 11am from the Writers Square opposite St Annes cathedral
but it will be more in the way of checking out the lay of the land around the Causeway Coast - seing how it feels and seeing if it is possible to walk between the Causeway and Dunseverick etc etc
and it will still be twelve quid as we have to pay Eddie for petrol and for driving us
 - should still be a good day there though
and we will take some banners - music - walk - and whatever
 but not a big ceremony
We may light candles to comemorate the graves - both Pagan and Christian that this motorway is being built over in the Gabhra Valley -  30 at Ardsallagh including children  - 2 at Lismullin  - 62 at Collierstown in two layers of burials - first a battlefield and then a Chistian burial ground built over it etc etc etc etc
- and something to do with Tara - it will be clearer when we are there
will be a good place to be though - Tara things always are
tommorow - Saturday outside the Green Party Conference at the Wellington Park Hotel , Malone Road
Sunday at 11 am - the Writers Square opposite St Annes Cathedral - twelve quid - kids less - ring me if you want to be sure of a place
or if you have a car with spaces - ring me too - and we will meet up at the coast - bring woolly clothes - maybe a flask - and wear boots !
; )
tel 02890 802842
mob 07944969373 
oh - new court case
and some comments from the SaveTara discussion - assuming that everyone involved now realises this is a  planning disaster and is looking for a way out ....


Having gotten up to speed on the National Monument Act's 2004 Amendment, I
believe that our time can best be spent working on and
publicizing/promoting through leaflets, fliers and demonstrations, one of
4 projects:

1. On the ground resistance action- essential to slowing the process to give the other actions time to succeed.
2. The Meath MASTER Plan, which very importantly still involves a big money road contract for SIAC, and so shouldn't be considered a total loss by them
3. The High Court action, seeking to point out the illegality of the 2004 am.
4. Pushing a new Amendment to the National Monument Act and continuing to vilify the 2004 amendment

By vilifying the 2004 amendment, we raise publicity, and give all of the people formerly considered enemies (Taoiseach, Ministers, Senators/TDs etc) a chance to save face. In other words, 'its not our fault, it's this foolish amendment we stumbled into'.

Also, by getting a new Amendment to the floor, it will give the state the opportunity to save a great deal of time/money on the court case by just taking out the illegal language in the new amendment.

If the act were amended (by eliminating sup. sec. 14A&B) to return the minister for heritage his power of granting consent, he could deny his consent for the path through the valley (citing rath lugh & lismullin),
recommending (and essentially forcing them to) a 2 + 1 scheme.

However if we wait on the court case, even if it succeeds, it will undoubtedly take an inordinate amount of time to get the act changed,
which is why I feel it is essential that we begin the legislative process now- Most of the work on any bill occurs long before it ever reaches the floor.


http://www.savetara.com  Yahoo discussion Group



and the usual -

if you dont want to be getting these updates - email me and I will take you off the list

else - could you help by networking this onwards to other people who might be interested  ?

- if people dont see why this is important - thats up to them - but it would be sad if they did - and they didnt know how to be involved










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