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Tara Belfast update 13  


Tara Belfast Update 13

Hi folks
Sorry - been away in the magical world of Glastonbury - the town/village , not the festival
Europe's version of Hogwarts and in another Dimension - tho a good one ; )
just got back and this update is again overdue and will be fast in hope of catching people before the farmers market at st Georges
there will be a meeting on the Hill of Tara  on Sunday at 5pm ..ie/ tommorow ..... to discuss what next
organised by the Tara Solidarity Vigil
I will try to get down to it - the usual directions ie/ Bus to Dublin
Bus from Bus Aras -the main bus station behind the Customs House - near Connolly St station
bus to Kells or Navan and ask to be put off at Tara Cross
this looks like the middle of nowhere but is right - walk on about 50 yards and there will be a small sign on the left to Tara / Teamhair
drag tent etc up hill for about half a mile to the carpark at Tara
the people will be at the back -behind Rath Grainne  - or you can follow the road around to the right until the gap in the hedge and go through there
Everyone welcome
Im not sure exactly where the meeting will be - but my mobile no is 07944969373
which will be plus 0044 or 00353 when its over the border ?
or ring the Vigil numbers below
or just go there and look around
that will work  ; )
we need to do something for Bealtaine / Beltane
May the First -
any thougts - plans- ideas etc .....?
please get in touch
all the best - Anita
on Mullans Organic egg stall - st Georges Market - when this gets posted and I get down there ....

contacts for Vigil
- Vigil phone 086-1758557
Rath Lugh camp phone: o86 1537 146
another number: 086-3600478
to ring from North or UK
or anywhere else ( ? ) - replace first zero with 00353
me anitagreg@gmail.com
mob 07944969373
more details as usual
on -
www.tarapixie.net   ( activists )
www.Indymedia.ie   ( for News - search for " Tara" )
www.tarataratara.net   (mine - usually needs updating - )
and the usual - if you are on this list by mistake - just tell me and I will take you off it
but if you know anyone else who might be interested - please circulate it
and www.sacredireland.org    thats it for the moment -PLEASE support the protest and campaigns peacefully and
however you can - but letters to the papers especially