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Tara Belfast update 12             


Tara Belfast Update 12
is long and complicated and on the way  on the way  - but just now to say
Happy Equinox
Full Moon
and everything else
the situation at Tara - briefly - is critical
it seems that SIAC are intending to work over Easter  - people and supplies needed for the protest at Rath Lugh
contact: Vigil 086 175 8557
             Rath Lugh 086 153 7146
Squeak ( Lisa Feeney ) came out of the tunnel because she had a written agreement with the NRA that work would stop until the 17th April until the legal Appeal was heard
At first the NRA flatly denied this - then they admitted they HAD signed an agreement to stop - but said that the protesters had broken their side ...anyway - they are steaming ahead
There are stll legal challenges - also the fact that the EU seemd to be under the inpression that they have blocked the work - though whether there will be anybody found in their office over Easter Week to see the videos to prove that the destruction is continuing is not certain
But most of all from here we need is this not to go un-noticed , letters to the papers etc
and if anyone will be at st Georges market today- saturday  - will have leaflets etc at Mullans Organic Farm Stall - also to plan something for tommorow
Lisa ( not Feeney ) - Tara Campaigner in Belfast has had her baby
and called her  " Danu "
And it is Equinox - Full Moon and Easter
so there are some things that Ferrovial cant reach ....



the usual - - -
If you want off the list just email me-  and Ill take you off it
else - if you know anyone who would be interested - please Pass it On and Spread the Tara Word
despite Optimism - it is Very urgent .... and work on the M3 steams ahead - tho of course the railway doesnt
best regards
tel 02890802842
mob 07944969373

and more info re / what is going on at Tara from the usual sources

  and http://www.indymedia.ie  and search for " Tara " or " Rath Lugh "