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Vigil support and map

        Vigil Support details - checked for accuracy last week

        Details of the DA account TOTALLY managed by and for the DA are :-
        Tara Solidarity Vigil Account AIB Navan
        Sort Code 93-21-83
        Account NO: 43326084

        For International Banking :-
        IBAN: IE96-AIBK-9321-8343-3260-84 (BIC:AIBKIE2D)

        also credit for the Vigil phone - please send to 0861758557- VERY URGENT.

        HELP NEEDED NOW. Cameras and phones to document, witnesses, support.


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Alternatives ....  

There is a diagram of the alternative routes at


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Note, not one of the original routes went outside the Tara complex. The Orange Route came close, to the west, but still passed inside Ringlestown Rath. We spent a day fieldwalking and found a good route for the M3 to pass outside the Rath, thereby saving Tara, omitting the need for the two expensive and damaging N3 interchanges, being shorter and cheaper than the current route, and actually servicing a population in Trim, rather than the sheep on Tara. Finally, I personally prefer this plan because it takes traffic away from the Tara complex, rather than continues to funnel it through the valley and landscape, which will ever-increasingly damage the enjoyment of Tara, regardless of whether it is on a motorway or a 2+1 road.


Vincent                                     28/07/08


The Tara Landscape ... ?

The forts around the Hill of Tara that perhaps would have provided a defensive ring in ancient times 
Map drawn by Tarawatch from information from Conor Newman's study of the Tara area for the Discovery Project

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see also http://www.tarataratara.net/Tara_Landscape.htm











the Lismullin stone - more HERE



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