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Tara Belfast update 11


report re/ Rath Lugh
 " Gardai endanger life
9:40, Thursday 13-3-08
Reports just received from Rath Lugh say that the Gardai (30) and Toll
road workers (60) are attacking the Protectors of Tara. They have cut
off the life support system to the tunnel knowing that there is a woman
deep below ground. Her name is Squeak. The front line camp is being
dismantled using bolt croppers - this is exposing the tunnel entrance.
Machinery has appeared and numerous toll road jeeps swarm around the
edge of Rath Lugh. This outrageous act by the Gardai endangers the life
of Squeak - the Gardai know this. We have previous examples of Garda
incompetence in situations beyond their control that went wrong due to
their stupidity - are we to see another example of their incompetence?
This is timed to occur just before an Emergency Injunction is being
sought to halt all works at Rath Lugh 10.30 in the Four Courts Dublin.
The boundary to the National Monument of Rath Lugh seems to be about to
be set by SIAC/Ferrovial toll road building crews and not by Irish Law
or the Minister.
Who is in command of this stupid plan? Did the Minister sanction this
attack on the peaceful Protectors of Tara? Is this the fullest
expression of Operation Bedrock?
All works on or near Rath Lugh must be stopped immediately until the 
life of Squeak is secured and a proper survey has been done and boundary
lines clearly defined. "
St Patricks Day - not a politician in the country ...

Tunnel !!!

inet  Interview from the tunnel


just come in - 11.46 thurs - from Muireann Ni Bhrolchain - lecturer in Celtic studies - Maynooth

Statement  - Update on Rath Lugh -
As a High Court injunction is being heard in Dublin - contractors with
the help of the Gardai are evicting the protersters at Rath Lugh.
The hearing has been adjourned until the afternoon to hear the other
side of the case.
The front line camp is completely dismantled. Described by protester as
"like a war zone" and "chilling".
Local councillor Phillip Cantwell described the actions as
"unbelievable". His pleas to leave the protestor in the tunnel are not
being listened to. He has called for the contractor to produce his
Method Statement. No such method statement has been produced.
The Fire Brigade is on site.
There are approximately 30 Gardai with no numbers shown. They will not
say who they are.
The media is also present.
There is a girl in the tunnel, no attention is being paid to her safety.
One protester arrested and taken to Navan garda station. There was a 40
ton dump truck in the vicinity and 2 diggers near the tunnel.
The Fire Brigade is there - there are about 30 jeeps.
Four protestors have locked on 10 feet from the entrance to the tunnel,
their arms are cemented.
There is noone trained in Ireland to safely remove the protestor from
the tunnel.



Also this is happening as a case for an Emergency Injunction to 
protect Rath Lugh is going to the court this morning 
PLEASE - protests - media - letters - phone calls if possible 
any peaceful support for the people there 
and esp S in the tunnel 
or www.indymedia.ie  and search for  " Tara" or" Rath Lugh"
for news updates 
contacts for Vigil
- Vigil phone 086-1758557
Rath Lugh camp phone: o86 1537 146
another number: 086-3600478
to ring from North or UK
or anywhere else ( ? ) - replace first zero with 00353
- me 

mob 07944969373
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on -

www.tarapixie.net   ( activists )
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but if you know anyone else who might be interested - please circulate it
and www.sacredireland.org    thats it for the moment -PLEASE support the protest and campaigns peacefully and 
however you can - but letters to the papers especially 
ps / this is Emergency 
- back to normal Tara ramblings after  .....
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Tara M3 protestor trapped in tunnel


Thursday, 13 March 2008 12:02

A woman who is demonstrating against the M3 roadworks is trapped in a tunnel that protestors dug at Rath Lugh.

Supporters claim the woman is chained by the neck to a jack and any attempts to try and remove her will cause the tunnel to collapse.

At the scene fences have been erected to prevent any further incursion by the protestors.

Around 40 construction workers together with about ten gardaí remain at the scene.

Following negotiations between the protestors and the fire chief, it has been agreed that no attempt will be made to try and remove the woman from the tunnel.

The tense stand off at the scene is continuing and is likely to do so for some hours.



A number of other protestors have chained themselves to overground obstacles at the scene.

Meanwhile, the group protesting against the construction of the M3 motorway has asked the High Court for an injunction to stop all work at the Rath Lugh area of the road.

Peadar Ó Ceallaigh told Ms Justice Mary Lafoy at the High Court that diggers were using the area as a short cut because they had not been able to get licences to drive over the roads.

He said the tunnel and the monument were in danger of collapse.

The case will be back before the court at 2pm.