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20th December 2008



Tara Belfast Update 27b




film of the Winter Solstice sunrise at Newgrange 2007







re/ the Tara /Teamhair documentary - online




 no longer available on the TG4 site but now archived on the tarapiixe site - it is BRILIANT !



Tara - the magic, the myths, the mystery and the motorway. Director Colum Stapleton’s eclectic journey through the 5,000 year history of Tara.

Teamhair Part 1

Teamhair Part 2



more videos from http://www.tarapixie.net/video.html   [ VIDEO ]




message from Muireann   , 14/12/08

Hi all, for information, Edel Bhreathnach and I recorded 4 programmes on
Tara today, they are in Irish and will go out on Radio na Gaeltachta at
about 8pm on Friday evenings beginning on the 16th January. They were
made indoors and the producer is Cathal Portéir of RTE. Each programme
is 25 minutes long.


Tara -  a World Heritage Site ...?

Secondly a, short submission will be made on Tara as a WHS by a number
of us, myself included, by request. If people have any points I'll pass
them onto the person organising the submission. This has to be done by
the end of January.
Information here.

There has been quite a debate raging about the merits of this since I
first got involved in 2003/4. Whether it should be a WHS or not. At this
stage it's probably best that it is nominated but one of the points that
is important is to ensure that access is not restricted and secondly
that the Valley and not just the Hill is nominated. Lets get what we can
out of Gormley ... before this government disappears into oblivion.


" Tara / Teamhair "

what does the name " Tara / Teamhair " mean ?

( page to follow ... )

now at TBU_Teamhair


Winter Solstice Galactic Alighnment

more about the Winter Solstice Galactic Alighnment

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now at TBU_Galaxy


Maeshowe on Orkney - aligned with the sunset at Winter Solstice - linked with Newgrange




Photos of Winter Solstice alignments on Laoise Kelly's Myspace page

Laoise Kelly at the Giants Ring , Belfast , January 8th 2008








poem - The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper  HERE


wintery  music from Aine Minogue HERE  and a dreamy style slideshow HERE , great videos as someone wanders through a castle under a full moon and not wearing a coat at all - vampire bait . Icicles and dolmens and things    

 links from Laura Plummer

the Global Village ( powerpoint presentation ) HERE

 link from JanetO'hagan



and  - for another point of view


and a copletely funny Xmas card - click to see it .... 8)


both from Ellen





 Happy Solstice ! - !!!