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Tara Belfast Update 27

hey ho - late again  8)  - but what is new ..?

 Happy Solstice !

..ie/ dawn tommorow - or thereabouts ... -  wikipedia

The Mound of the Hostages ( Dumha na nGiall) is an ancient passage tomb located in the Tara-Skryne Valley in County Meath, Leinster, Ireland.is aligned with sunrise at the Autumn and Spring Equinoces - as the shaft of light from the rising sun shines down the pasageway and illuminates the inner chamber

but Winter is for Newgrange -

Hi all,

The Winter Solstice event at Newgrange is to be streamed live around
the world again this year. Details below are thanks to Anthony Murphy
of Mythical Ireland       www.mythicalireland.com  

Last year we had a strong presence there on the Saturday morning with
a large HELP SAVE TARA VALLEY banner which was seen all over the
world :) We had reports back rom as far away as Irish in China! The
Camera man kept trying to avoid us but we had great craic chasing his
angles around lol.



Triple SpiralNewgrange Solstice event to be streamed live  Triple Spiral

Once again the Winter Solstice illumination of the Newgrange Chamber is to be broadcast live on the internet. It follows the first webcast last year which was an outstanding success, marred only by the fact that 300,000 people tried to see it at once and some people were
unable to view the event.

It gives those who are unable to make it to Ireland, or indeed those not lucky enough to be in the chamber on the morning, an opportunity to witness this 5,000-year-spectacle.

View the 2008 Live Solstice Webcast  at  www.astronomy2009.ie  ...from 8.30 am ....
Newgrange was constructed around 3150BC by Neolithic farmers who had a cosmic world view and who attempted to enshrine their beliefs in monumental fashion along the banks of the Boyne. Their endeavours resulted from a crossover between science and spirituality, and
ultimately saw the destination of the soul as being fixed among the stars. The evidence for this is persuasive. For more information on the cosmic purpose of Newgrange, read Island of the Setting Sun - In Search of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers.

To view an archive of footage from last year's solstice webcast, click here.

Alternatively, you can see a compilation of last year's solstice broadcast made by Victor Reijs by viewing this YouTube video:

Kind regards,
Anthony Murphy


Solstice Galactic Alignment

also - this year at Winter Solstice , the Earth , the Solar System will be in alignment  -

the Earth and Sun are in alignment every Solstice - but not normally with the Galaxy itself

this Galactic Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years - but it does 36 year for the Sun to pass entirely across the Galactic Equator - so the next few years will be okay too - for what ?  I don't know  ......  just that they are all in a straight line ....

...if you are interested in this - see http://alignment2012.com/whatisGA.htm  for a proper explanation - some thoughts - and some diagrams ....



The Lismullin stone

Just to mention again that a stone - or rather half a stone was found at Lismullin in the Tara/Skryne valley  .
it was covered in Megalithic carvings and was recognised as a portal stone from an as yet undiscovereved passage tomb - it had been split and used as a lintel in a medieval souiterrain ( underground passage ) . This has all been demolished ffor the motorway and the stone carted away . We do not know where the tomb was - how it was oriented - or what the carvings on the stone represent


the Lismullin stone - more HERE

  Very possibly either a calendar or a map - but of what nobody is sure - although there are many speculations

The folk at Taranetwork are campaining to have the area of Lismullin Henge - planned as an access road to the motorway - preserved and used as a garden until one day we may understand what the Ancient Astronomers knew

see http://www.taranetwork.org/



Museum should leave bodies to rest in peace ( Irish Times opinion - )

not specifically about the bodies found at Tara - but the many others that are being piled up and stored in bin bags




also - please please PLEASE  sign and circulate the  Tara Reburials petition




and -








Click Here to see the Live Webcast from Newgrange

This Webcast will be live from 08.30 to 09.30 UTC on December 21st. The sunrise is at ~08.55 UTC.

ng3           newgrange-light

  image courtesy The Office of Public Works, Ireland                   photograph by Cyril Byrne, courtesy of The Irish Times 


 Happy Solstice ! - !!!  




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